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Fortune casts off its edible oil image with a new logo

The edible oil brand has roped in Akshay Kumar to drive its logo and identity change to appeal to the younger digital audience.

For two decades, Indian buyers recognize Fortune as makers of edible oil, nothing else. The brand had created for itself a niche that seemed hard to shake off because it was doing well in the segment.

But, Adani Wilmar (Fortune’s parent company) wanted to change this fact and make buyers realize that Fortune has other product offerings too like soya chunks, rice, dal, and much more.

And that is the reason why the two-decade-old brand decided to cast off its old logo, make a new one, adorn a new identity, and run a campaign with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar as the brand ambassador.

According to a Business Standard report on March 03, 2020, Angshu Mallick, deputy ceo, Adani Wilmar said, “An internal survey report showed that 90 per cent of our consumers still associated Fortune brand with edible oil, not other food staples. The new campaign is an attempt to push Fortune as a complete foods brand."

The campaign ad had the tagline ‘RuknaMat’ meaning don’t stop and showcases Kumar taking us through the progress one makes in the kitchen. Learnt to make roti dough? don’t stop and learn to roll it in a neat circle. Learnt to make rice dal? Don’t stop and now learn to make pulao. You get the drift.

And that’s the peg Fortune wanted to use. It tells us at the end of the ad through Kumar that it too didn’t stop only with edible oil but moved forward to introduce a line up of food products, in a new avatar.

But, Fortune didn’t actually talk about their new avatar first with this ad. They had, in fact, launched a #Whatsinthebox campaign on 21 st Feb with Akshay Kumar and other key influencers by getting people to solve a puzzle on social media and unbox the mystery Fortune box.

In a press release, the brand had said that consumers had evolved over the past two decades. And to connect with them, Fortune uplifted its look and feel to build a modern and contemporary image by revising its brand logo and packaging.

Sanjay Adesara, media and strategy head said, “For the digitally evolved consumers today brands are more than just a product. They connect with its philosophy, identity and buy into their vision. For the last 20 years, Fortune has been periodically reinventing itself not only in its range (today the Fortune Foods range includes Rice, Atta, Besan, Pulses, Soya chunks, and more) but also in its identity. To retain the affinity of today’s visually-stimulated generation we have undertaken this rebranding initiative.”

Fortune casts off its edible oil image with a new logo

The brand rolled out prints ads to announcing ‘Fortune, ab ek naye avatar mein’ which means ‘Fortune, now in a new avatar’. The ad mentioned Ogilvy as the agency behind the ad.

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