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From 'Have it Your Way' to 'You Rule': Burger King launches its new ad campaign

The fast food brand is planning to expand digitally with the new ad, which is a part of its "Reclaim the fame" campaign

Global fast food brand Burger King has unveiled their new brand positioning and campaign for promotion. The brand's new tagline, "You Rule", is a part of its bid to "Reclaim the flame", which they had announced earlier in September. T

The fast food chain had earlier acquired an investment of $400 million. This investment will be diverted to "increase advertising firepower; drive higher quality restaurant enhancements and remodels; and support ongoing technology and digital investments." The brand will be utilising a majority of the fund to remodel its business and also will venture into digital expansion.

The "You Rule" campaign features people singing a jingle about how the brand offers different varieties of food choices for people depending on their moods and seasons. The brand also noticeably positioned people of various racial backgrounds in the ad film. This goes hand in hand with its campaign, which focuses on spreading the message of the brand's wide array of options.

“In partnership with our new creative agency, OKRP, we’ve developed a simple and meaningful articulation of how Burger King celebrates our Guests. It embodies our purpose, embraces individuality, and elevates Have It Your Way – something our brand has always been known for – beyond pure product customization,” said Tom Curtis, Burger King North America President, said in a press release.

The brand partnered with creative agency OKRP to come up with the campaign.

“Advertising, at its best, is most relevant to people when you celebrate them first, not the brand. And that’s what we love about ‘You Rule’ – it invites people in with an approach that recognizes their world, not just sells them stuff,” added Tom O’Keefe, OKRP CEO.

Another interesting observation from the new creative is that the brand has moved from its previously used tagline 'Have it Your Way' to 'You Rule'.

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