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SMAAASH- A unit of Fun Gateway Arena Private Limited rebrands itself to Zoreko - Original Gamers

The rebranding aims to meet the requirements and preferences of hardcore gamers.

Changing the face of the gaming industry, the pioneering force announces a mighty leap forward with its brand transitioning from ‘SMAAASH Fun Gateway Arena’ to ‘Zoreko - Original Gamers’.

This transition marks the dynamic evolution and expansion of the brand, solidifying its unending commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

This transitional venture represents a strategic shift towards a more spirited and engaging brand experience. Avanish Agarwal, consulting CMO of Zoreko, says about the new transition, “This rebranding effort is a strategic move towards aligning the brand more closely with its target audience and its core offerings. The name we have chosen, Zoreko - Original Gamers, conveys our company’s commitment and emphasis on giving our patrons an authentic and immersive gaming experience. We feel that all gamers should be able to have access to a world-class, cutting-edge gaming experience.”

New Brand Identity

Zoreko - Original Gamer’s new core values are redefining its presence in the gaming and entertainment sector in the minds of the consumers. By adding ‘Original Gamers’ into the name of the company, Zoreko is signifying its commitment to catering to the needs and wants of hardcore gamers, which can help attract this lucrative target audience, and at the same time, brings to mind, its gaming legacy. It stands out from its competitors by positioning itself as a specialised gaming arena, and a one-stop spot for gaming and F&B, separating itself from generalised family entertainment centers.

Expansion Plans

Zoreko - Original Gamers is set to open its flagship outlet at Elan in the first week of June. In addition, there will be two additional centers opening this year at Mohali and Patiala. This geographical expansion marks their entry into a new market where there is a high demand for specialised gaming centers. The company is also investing in technologies that provide the best, immersive, experience for India’s passionate gaming community. With these new technologies, virtual reality experiences, and arcade facilities, Zoreko - Original Gamers aims to further solidify itself as a premier destination for gaming enthusiasts, and become a one-stop spot for high-tech games, fortified with a bold menu.

Future Plans

Zoreko - Original Gamers looks forward to capitalising on India’s expanding VR and AR experiences, aiming to be at the forefront of this growing $ 3 billion sector. It also plans on hosting competitive events like e-sports tournaments, as well as collaborating with game developers and publishers to offer exclusive gaming experiences and early access to new releases. Additionally, they plan to offer comprehensive gaming-related merchandise and accessories.

Zoreko - Original Gamers also plans to focus its expansion in the digital world, by building a community for gaming enthusiasts to foster engagement and loyalty. Zoreko - Original Gamers is committed to continuous innovation and adapting to emerging trends, technologies, and preferences of their target audience of experienced gamers. All of this will ensure that the company will remain at the top of its game, and top of its consumer’s mind.

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