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Glance launches T20 Fest to over 200 million lock screens during IPL season

Glance T20 Fan Fest will have over 30 unique and exclusive cricket-based shows and activities, every day.

Glance T20 Fan Fest, uniquely designed festival not only brings users real-time match updates on the serious cricketing actions both on and off the field, it also makes the entire experience much more fun-filled with live shows, exclusive cricket related games, and even shopping deals, right on their smart lock screens every day.    

Glance, one of the world’s leading lock screen platforms, has over 200 million active users in India alone, while the company is also present in Southeast Asia including Indonesia.   

Bikash Chowdhury, chief marketing officer at Glance said: “As the name suggests, Glance T20 Fan Fest offers the cricket lovers much more than just the live cricket updates. Given the scale and reach of Glance and the unparalleled experience it brings because of the unique nature of its smart lock screen platform, we expect Glance lock screen to become one of the most sought-after destinations for everything related to T20 and cricket, with enthusiastic participation of cricket lovers from across the country."   

With T20 Fan Fest, Glance is offering a delightful experience during this T20 season with more than 30 unique cricket-related shows and activities. These include expert analysis, team discussions, player selection insights, astrology predictions, and live chat sessions with cricketers among others. Additionally, Glance users will be able to enjoy a host of exclusive games, live shows, and shopping deals on their smart lock screens. Glance smart lock screen’s innovative features, real-time news, and insights will ensure that cricket enthusiasts across the country stay updated and engaged.   

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