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Godrej awards it's e-commerce analytics mandate to Trailytics AI

This partnership is a positive step forward in using data-driven insights to change the digital retail world.

Godrej, has teamed up with Trailytics for their e-commerce retail analytics solution & digital shelf management - Trailytics Unified Control Tower.

In a strategic move aimed at elevating its digital shelf experience and optimising online performance, GCPL has onboarded Trailytics AI , a leading provider of digital analytics solutions. This collaboration will see Trailytics extend its expertise across various e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, Blinkit, Instamart, and more, using a comprehensive six-stage analytic approach to drive growth.

Under this partnership, Trailytics will leverage its advanced eRetail analytics solution, reminiscent of their successful Trailytics Control Tower offering. The objective is to empower GCPL to enhance its online presence, optimise content, manage marketplaces, and ultimately boost sales by harnessing the power of data-driven analytics by giving them an overall visibility of sku journey covering KPI’s like Availability, Price ,Promotion, Inventory, Fill rate, Sales ,Performance Marketing and many more ,thus covering all aspects of brand journey .

The analytic journey encompasses six pivotal stages, starting with the establishment of GCPL's brand presence across multiple e-commerce platforms. Through continuous data insights and agile managed services, the brand's discoverability will be continually improved, ensuring an optimal digital shelf experience for consumers.

Speaking about this collaboration, the Anirudh ,director of Trailytics stated, "Our objective is to remain at the forefront of the digital landscape, and partnering with GCPL is a significant step towards achieving that goal. Our comprehensive retail analytics solution aligns perfectly with GCPL’s growth strategy, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive performance across various touchpoints."

Trailytics, through its expert team, will offer end-to-end support, encompassing everything from initial brand store setup to enhancing the shopper experience across multiple touchpoints. The advanced analytics provided by Trailytics will deliver invaluable insights by providing pricing elasticity, Promo Optimisation, Demand Forecasting in the next steps.

CTO of Trailytics, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are proud to offer a 360-degree Retail Analytics solution for E-commerce that stands as a testament to our commitment to our clients' growth. Our agile approach is particularly well-suited to the dynamic nature of e-commerce, and we're excited to support GCPL in achieving its strategic objectives."

The partnership between Trailytics and GCPL represents a step forward in leveraging data-driven insights to revolutionise the digital retail landscape. As both entities unite their expertise, the stage is set for a more optimised and impactful digital presence across a diverse array of e-commerce platforms.

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