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GOZOOP Group creates J. the bold new identity for Jeeru

Fresh, youthful rebranding brings a new spark to India’s beloved masala soda

One of the country’s leading beverage companies - Xotik Frujus recently announced the repositioning and rebranding of its flagship beverage Jeeru to ‘J.’ Partnering with GOZOOP Group, the move is the result of an increasingly overcrowded market that offers little by way of differentiation.

The exercise reflects the brand’s commitment to evolving with the times and strengthening its connection with a generation of customers over shared values - that of achieving at the global stage while being ‘dil se desi’.

Commenting on the repositioning, Anjana Ghosh, CEO, Xotik Frujus said, “Launching the new brand positioning is our endeavor towards modernizing our operations and introducing an element of novelty in the industry. Being a customer-focused brand at our core, it is imperative to deliver as per expectations and enhance the excitement associated with our products. It has been exciting to partner with GOZOOP Group whose commitment and determination resonates with our ideals as a brand.”

Burzin Mehta, CCO, GOZOOP Group, while sharing the thinking behind the new brand identity said, “With more than 192 competing brands, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more cluttered category. That’s why the new positioning and identity was built ground-up. From a definitive shift in the audience to a solitary letter as the brand name, a sacrilegious white base for the packaging, multiple label designs per SKU…This is a vibrant, new identity that reflects the attitude of a confident, new generation that is not afraid to break the box. Which is precisely what we’ve done, on multiple fronts."

Commenting on the partnership, Mohit Ahuja, president, GOZOOP Group shares, “If one looks at the CSD (carbonated soft drinks) segment over the past two decades, there have been more misses than hits. At GOZOOP, our approach has always been to ‘Break The Box’. In keeping with that, we suggested a new identity infused with the core aesthetics of culture, hues and chaos to align the brand with a distinctive Indi-Cool vibe. And kudos to the team at Xotic Frujus for having the conviction to put this thought into action.”

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