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GOZOOP Group launches HAWK

Hawk is a data-driven CX agency focusing on Online Customer Support & Listening.

GOZOOP Group, an independent marketing group, has announced the launch of HAWK, a data driven customer experience (CX) agency focusing on Online Customer Support, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Digital Intelligence and Listening. With a disruptive approach towards customer support, HAWK unites the smartest minds with advanced processes and tools to invoke genuine emotions and provide a stellar customer experience.

Headquartered in Mumbai, HAWK will be established with an aggressive geographic expansion plan. Premkumar Iyer will be spearheading the new agency HAWK in the role of President. He will be reporting to Samrat Bedi, CEO (India), GOZOOP Group.

HAWK brings in massive strength and scale at deploying agile short and long term solutions around Online Reputation Management (ORM), Experience Management, Customer Support, Digital Listening and Intelligence, eCommerce Reviews Management, Crisis Management, Command Center Operations, Omni Channel ORM, ORM Transformation and Data Mining.

HAWK’s data-driven customer experience focuses on streamlining online interactions and surface critical insights from data that is generated through these interactions. HAWK helps identify the right information at the right time which can be used to create great customer experiences and build brand loyalty.

Speaking on the launch of HAWK, Premkumar Iyer, president, HAWK says, “We are in this to disrupt the customer support space and aim to make HAWK a global force by extending our brand of ORM beyond India. We bring in a transformational approach towards ORM, hardwired with GOZOOP Group’s core values of integrity, creativity, and people centricity. With HAWK, we will not only continue our dominance in the Online Customer Support and Listening space but also bring in cutting-edge technology products to the market while setting new standards of operations.”

Samrat Bedi, CEO (India), GOZOOP Group said, “As an integrated agency we are constantly adapting and evolving - always being in awareness of customer behaviour and needs. There is a strong connection between the power of communication and the internet, making ORM a crucial facet for a brand to adapt to and work with. We believe that HAWK will help forge a strong and healthy relationship between brands and their customers in a digital- first world.”

Speaking on strengthening GOZOOP Group’s industry position with the launch of HAWK, Rohan Bhansali, Chairman & Co-founder, GOZOOP Group said, “Prem is a GOZOOP veteran. He has helped build GOZOOP ground up. One of his biggest contributions to the organisation has been setting up and growing our ORM business as an intrapreneur. Today ORM’s scale, capabilities and credibility merits a presence of its own to reach its independent potential. With its own presence and under Prem’s leadership, HAWK is destined for explosive growth and immense value creation.”

Currently, HAWK is servicing impactful and high-octane brands like Ola Cabs, Taj Hotels (IHCL), OPPO, Sony Pictures, Club Mahindra Holidays, ACKO General Insurance, Amazon Mini TV, Saint Gobain, Dell, DAMAC Properties (Dubai), Mashreq Bank (Dubai) to name a few.

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