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Grofers gets a new logo

The e-grocer now spells its name in lowercase than in uppercase as it did before the logo change.

Grofers has a new logo.

Grofers old logo
Grofers old logo

What's interesting to note is that the old logo used uppercase lettering, now it is all in lowercase. The e-grocery giant announced why it decided to change its logo in a blog post:

We have a new logo.

“Why the change?”

There is a powerful line I read in a book called Mastery – “In childhood, the world seemed like an enchanted place”. At grofers, we have embarked on such a massive odds-defying journey that it is necessary for us to view everything in front of us with awe, instead of succumbing to our skeptical and cynical instincts that naturally come with experience.

As a brand that has grown to become a part of daily life for millions of Indians, we still want to see the possibilities of changing lives for the better for millions more. That can only happen if we continue to stay in awe of everything that technology can touch to change the way products make their way into millions of households.

The change to lowercase is a reflection of this innately curious spirit that wants to collaborate, solve problems, and stubbornly refuses to take no for an answer; this is the same childlike spirit at grofers that is creative, kind, and above all, has a boundless imagination.

For grown-ups, our lowercase wordmark is a reminder to maintain humility, simplicity, and honesty while serving those who are the very reason for our existence: our customers.

We’re excited for what this chapter signifies, and hope you will love our new logo as much as we do.