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GroupM and MMA launch ONDC Playbook

The playbook will guide transforming business and embracing ONDC for enhanced success.

GroupM India along with MMA launched the ONDC Playbook, a go-to-market guide that explores the transformative potential of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) in the country. Designed to empower businesses across industries and sizes, this comprehensive playbook serves as a roadmap for successfully harnessing the transformative potential of the ONDC initiative.

The ONDC Playbook, a comprehensive go-to-market guide, provides businesses with a step-by-step approach to implementing ONDC. By addressing critical aspects such as architecture, commerce operations, commercials, data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance, the playbook equips businesses with the necessary tools to position themselves at the forefront of the digital commerce revolution, driving growth and fostering innovation.

The Playbook is enriched with a wealth of knowledge from industry experts, accompanied by compelling real-world case studies and insights gathered from primary research covering a diverse range of respondents, including brands, agencies, and tech providers. This collective wisdom presents a compelling argument, urging businesses to embrace the ONDC framework and unlock its transformative potential.

Key findings from the primary research include:

● Adoption Potential: An overwhelming 90% of respondents express their likelihood to adopt ONDC in some form within their companies

● Levelling the Playing Field: A significant 73% of respondents believe that ONDC has the potential to level the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses in the digital commerce space

● Transformative Impact: Respondents confirm that ONDC has the potential to transform digital commerce through market expansion, interoperability, and cost reduction

Equipped with these invaluable findings and insights, the ONDC Playbook will offer comprehensive guidance to brands and organizations across sectors and sizes as they embark on their ONDC implementation journey.

Ritika Taneja, head of e-commerce - GroupM India said, “This playbook provides businesses of all sizes and sectors with a step-by-step roadmap to successfully embark on the ONDC journey and position themselves at the forefront of the digital commerce revolution. The playbook covers everything from understanding the architecture to commerce operations, commercials, and industry-specific use cases. Our commitment is to empower businesses, from established industry leaders to disruptive start-ups, to unlock new avenues for growth and innovation. By seizing this opportunity, businesses can confidently tap into the transformative potential of ONDC, unlocking new avenues for growth and propelling a wave of innovation that can reshape the future of digital commerce.”

Moneka Khurana, country head & board member- of MMA India said, “The playbook has unlimited possibilities and untapped potential, which is why we call it the ONDC Advantage X. It is a comprehensive go-to-market (GTM) resource for businesses aiming to harness the potential of ONDC. This guide explores how the implementation of ONDC can revolutionize the digital commerce landscape, offering a compelling case for businesses to embrace this transformative framework. Additionally, it provides a step-by-step roadmap for successful ONDC implementation. It's must-read.”

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