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Havas Worldwide and The Laughing Cow offer kids a chance to become certified cheesemakers at KidZania

The Laughing Cow Cheese Factory lets the little ones learn the fine art of making this dairy treat.

The Laughing Cow, the flagship cheese brand of the Bel Group, and Havas Worldwide India, the creative arm of Havas Group India, have collaborated to create a cheese-filled wonderland at KidZania Mumbai.

The visual theming which is in sync with The Laughing Cow’s brand guide has been created by Havas Worldwide. The stunning brand visuals and an interactive unique sampling truck also created by Havas Worldwide adds to the disruptive “The Laughing Cow Experience” - making it a first-of-its-kind cheese factory experience in India.

On completing the role-play, the children become The Laughing Cow certified cheesemakers. The children will also be able to interact with the brand's iconic mascot, dance, play, and take pictures with her.

The factory is situated at KidZania, an entertainment centre, that allows children to role-play adult jobs and earn currency. It is present across 26 cities in 20 countries

Alamjit Singh Sekhon, Commercial Director, Bel India, said in a release, “This partnership with KidZania will educate kids in an engaging way about the importance of a nutritious balanced diet, while they ‘make’ The Laughing Cow cheese. We’re confident that this will be a fun-filled experience that will add a daily dose of laughter to the lives of the kids and their families.”

Speaking about the partnership, Manas Lahiri, Managing Director, Havas Worldwide India said, “Over the years, KidZania, through its interactive edutainment model, has created a unique avenue for brands to engage with children and their parents on a very personal level. We’re delighted to scale this up further to create an innovative experience on behalf of Bel Group and The Laughing Cow that will give children a glimpse of the fantastic world of cheese-making in the most meaningful way.”

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