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Heineken introduces beer delivery B.O.T

The bot is meant to be a replacement for outdoor beer cooler containers and can hold up to 12 cans of beer at once.

Heineken’s latest innovation is a mini-robot that delivers beer to you. The robot is programmed with AI and has the capacity to hold up to 12 beers. It’s called the Heineken B.O.T (Which stands for Beer Outdoor Transporter) and the company has positioned this as a solution to having to carry heavy coolers filled with beer in outdoor settings.

As of now, the device is available in the USA and is sold out for pre-orders. The company describes the product as a robotic cooler that’s programmed to follow you around with chilled cans of Heineken wherever you go.

The Heineken® B.O.T. is 3 cubic feet and comes with something called autonomous follow technology. A user can say, “Hey Heineken bot, let’s roll!” to activate Follow Mode or you can opt for remote-control operation. The Heineken® B.O.T. can navigates around large objects, spins in circles, responds to voice-activated commands, and maneuvers even with an open cooler lid.