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Horlicks launches Horlicks Diabetes Plus

The major life changes that come with diabetes have also led to dissonance with consumers constantly looking for solutions to help manage diabetes better.

India has always been prone to the various risks associated with Diabetes. The country ranks #2 after China, with the prevalence rate of the disease set to double in the next 25 years. While diabetes continues to be an emerging threat with 7.3% of India’s population being diabetic and a further 10.3% being prediabetic, there are almost 1 in 2 diabetics that go undiagnosed*. The major life changes that come with diabetes have also led to dissonance with consumers constantly looking for solutions to help manage diabetes better.

Keeping these alarming figures and consumer needs in mind, the Horlicks Plus range, a set of specialized brands formulated to solve nutritional deficiencies, has forayed into the segment of Diabetes. Diabetes Plus, introduced by Horlicks, is a nutritional beverage which has been designed for Indian adults. It contains high fibre (22% of dual blend fibre). Research has shown that a diet rich in fibre helps reduce glucose and lipids in the blood#. Horlicks Diabetes Plus is high in protein and contains 16 vital nutrients. It contains Fibersol-2 and NUTRIOSE®. These fibres are known to promote satiety and reduce calorie intake.

Commenting on importance of diet & lifestyle for diabetes management, Dr Banshi Saboo, president, RSSDI said, “An unhealthy modern diet and low activity patterns are regarded as major drivers of diabetes increase in India and this needs to change. Studies have shown that fiber rich diabetes nutrition (FDN) has multiple benefits, including, improvement in glycemic control, reduction in glucose spikes, lowering of plasma lipid concentrations and weight management in T2DM patients.”

Horlicks Diabetes Plus recently introduced its first TVC to highlight the importance of fibre for diabetic patients. Commenting on the TVC, Krishnan Sundaram, vice president, Nutrition, HUL said “Diabetes is equivalent of a pandemic and India is facing an increasing burden of it with 24 Cr diabetics and prediabetics. We know that, nutrition and lifestyle can play a key role in its management. We are launching Horlicks Diabetes Plus, a supplement specifically formulated for at risk and diabetic individuals. With our communication, we want to educate consumers about the importance of high fibre for diabetics, and how Diabetes Plus which has dual blend high fibre fulfills 26% of your daily fibre requirement $. “

The copy showcases a concerned diabetic patient looking at reducing his sugar intake but is offered food items that seem to contain a high amount of sugar. While the patient is questioning the prevalence of sugar in various food items, the copy also highlights the importance of adding fiber to one’s diet in addition to reducing sugar in one’s diet.

Commenting on the creative insights that went into the making of the film, Sumitra Sengupta, executive creative director, FCB India said “When any one is pre-diabetic or a newly diagnosed diabetic, the immediate reaction is to cut down sugar. Our film opens with a middle-aged man worriedly asking about the sugar content of every food placed before him. But what starts out as being the correct thing to do, suddenly appears inadequate in the light of the Doctor’s announcement that high fiber helps manage Diabetes. This creates a perfect opportunity to introduce Horlicks Diabetes Plus which fulfills 26% of daily fibre needs. We hope it results in change in nutritional behaviour too - of not just reducing sugar, but adding fibre too.”

(We got this information in a press release).

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