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How brands celebrated World Environment Day

Disney Star, Nickelodeon, The Hindu, Maggi and Jade Blue among many other brands brought out campaigns to celebrate ‘Only One Earth’.

As concerns around global warming and climate change gain ground, brands across the globe are doing their bit to promote sustainability and eco-friendly practices. What could be a better moment than World Environment Day to raise these concerns?

United Nation’s theme for this year was #OnlyOneEarth. Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) conducted a free day-long PUC (pollution under control) check-up for vehicles, issued free PUC certificates and distributed free saplings to customers. DLF CyberHub, in association with the United Nations Development Programme, had its mascot Frankie the Dino over to highlight its message of extinction. The home-care brand Beco India joined hands with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to honour its garbage collectors.

Here's a list of some of the interesting campaigns and initiatives that brands have conducted as part of World Environment Day this year.

Disney Star

The network has created an ad film ‘The Lung Test’ to illustrate the impact of air pollution on children’s lungs. It urges people to drive one day less in a week, to lower air pollution.


The kids’ entertainment franchise has joined forces with the United Nations in India for a flagship campaign to raise awareness on ways to reduce carbon footprint and emphasise on the importance of protecting our planet. Through two inspiring stories, Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons brings alive the message of collective climate action with an emphasis on ‘Yeh Planet Hum Sabka Ghar Hai’.

The first story titled ‘Kaagaz Ka Ghar’, throws light on human-wildlife conflict while the second story ‘Paani Ka Ghar’ emphasizes on marine and plastic pollution. With ‘Yeh Planet Hum Sabka Ghar Hai’, both the stories showcase kids taking the initiative to become climate heroes and bringing about positive change by teaching adults important climate action lessons.

The Hindu

How brands celebrated World Environment Day

After highlighting the plight of the sea turtles and wild elephants in previous year’s, this World Environment Day, the newspaper presented a sarcastic narrative on humanity’s entitled, least-bothered attitude towards the planet. The long copy ad was released in the Sunday edition on June 5, and the digital version went live on their social media channels the same day.

The reader engagement initiative of the campaign invites sustainability champions to share their experiences. The Hindu offers to feature them thereby becoming an effective platform for the people who are doing their bit for the environment.


It rolled out a campaign to raise awareness on proper waste disposal. MAGGI roped in actor Rajkumar Rao for the commercial, who highlighted how it had responsibly managed the plastic tonnage equivalent to the plastic of the number of packs it sold.

Jade Blue

How brands celebrated World Environment Day

The Gujarat-based men’s clothing brand has been creating awareness on climate change for the last 10 years now. This year it created two installations in association with Fresh Lime Soda Creatives, an Ahmedabad-based advertising agency.

How brands celebrated World Environment Day

The first one, featured red and yellow french fries packets around trees with the message that 'the earth is being fried up, let's act.' The second one featured an 8-feet-high popcorn box filled with globes instead of popcorn with a message that 'the earth is going pop.'

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