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How India travelled in 2023 with Uber- A year in rear view

Uber has released 'How India Ubered in 2023', a report to highlight insightful data on how India used its cab services.

Uber India has released highlights of its annual data report- How India Ubered- encapsulating the key trends from how India moved this year. 

The report reveals trends about cities with the highest number of trips, the total number of kilometers covered in Uber rides, popular travel trends in intercity travel, the city with the most late-night trips, and also some rider preferences. 

Uber trips during 2023 covered around 6.8 billion kilometers. Uber Auto and Uber Go became popular products in the country, with the former piping its four-wheeled sibling to the finish line. 

The cities with the highest number of Uber trips in 2023 are Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata. The top 5 cities in India in terms of the fastest average speeds clocked on the roads are Mysore, Lucknow, Delhi-NCR, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. 

While Delhi-NCR did have the overall highest number of trips, Mumbai beat the national capital in terms of the most late-night trips booked, while Kolkata indulged in weekend travel the most. Residents of Delhi NCR used Uber for their work commute the most among all cities, and had the highest number of office-hour trips booked. 

India’s top 5 Uber intercity routes in 2023 include Mumbai- Pune, Delhi- Meerut, Lucknow- Kanpur, Mumbai- Lonavala and Mumbai- Nashik. The longest trip in kilometers traveled is Jaipur- Delhi Airport- Fatehpur Sikri- Chomu (Rajasthan)- Bangaon (Haryana).

Most Uber trips were booked between 6pm and 7pm with the most popular day of the week for booking an Uber as Saturday. The highest number of rides were booked in December, with Durga Puja and the Christmas weekend being the most popular days in terms of number of trips booked. 

The wee hours of the morning, between 4am and 5am saw the highest number of Uber Reserve trips being booked to airports. In terms of preferences for Uber Rentals rides with multiple stops, most riders opted for the 2 hour, 20 kilometer package, helping them get done with business meetings, doctor visits and other chores. 

Uber Bus saw 74,000 first-time users experience the ease of booking a seat on a mass transit product through an app. Lonavala was the most frequented tourist destination in 2023 using the Uber Intercity. 

Indians traveled 64 million kilometers in EVs through the year, spending a total of 3.9 million hours, helping contain carbon emissions and building a greener future. 

Additionally, Uber launched several new products and features during the year, including its flagship sustainability option Uber Green, and round trips on Uber Intercity. The company’s journey planning product, Uber Reserve, has been enhanced by including the option to book rides up to 90 days in advance. 

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