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How rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh is promoting Delhi's local food joints

The musician has put a spotlight on local eateries in his comeback, 'Honey 3.0'.

Punjabi music artist YoYo Honey Singh has embarked on a career resurgence recently. The Delhi artist released multiple new singles and has fashioned his music as well as appearance in a way that is reminiscent of his peak in terms of popularity.

One of the more recent songs that the singer put out is titled 'Note Fenko- The Karampura'. In the song, Singh has tried to shed some light on the culture and people of West Delhi.

Interestingly, Singh has mentioned some of the famous eating joints in his childhood neighborhood, Karampura in the new single. The singer gave shoutouts to Guru Rakha Restaurant in Karampura and Agarwal sweets, a popular sweets chain in Delhi.

Speaking about the inspiration of the song, Singh has said in multiple interviews that he speaks about the joints as they are intrinsically connected to his childhood. In interviews with media outlets like The Mashable, Singh delves into the world of Delhi's street food and the influence they hold in the singer's music.

Popular food outlets like Paramjeet Machiwala, CL corner, Guru Rakha restaurant, and Agarwal sweet corner, all situated in the Moti Nagar- Karampura area of West Delhi, have been regularly recognised and lauded by Singh.

For Chole Bhature shop CL corner, Singh, back in 2016, wrote a post on his Facebook saying, "Eat Desi, Workout Desi, Stay Desi." The post garnered over 7.8 lakh likes since.

The owners of the shop have put up a framed photo of the post on the walls of their shop. They have also started using "Eat Desi, Workout Desi, Stay Desi," as the tag line for their business. The owner says that Singh has been a frequent at the shop for a long time and his influence does attract new consumers.

How rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh is promoting Delhi's local food joints

In his interviews, Singh says that he still continues to visit West Delhi for the street food. Guru Rakha restaurant, which is more close to Singh's Karampura residence, is still one of his go-tos for a late night dinner.

The owner of the restaurant, Davindar Singh, says that Singh has been a regular customer for a long time. The restaurant uses Singh's visits as well as his reviews for the food a lot to amass a following on social media.

The owners have started to use Singh in their bid to promote their business on social media. They believe that Singh's public lauding of the food has led to an increase in the business, but can't really gauge the impact exactly. However, the owners continue to use Singh in their social media in a bid of expanding the business.

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