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HR veteran Wunderman Thompson South Asia, Roopa Badrinath launches Turmeric Consulting

The diversity, equity inclusion (DEI) Consultancy will focus on customised solutions that will build and foster inclusive work cultures.

Roopa Badrinath, HR veteran and ex-chief talent officer of Wunderman Thompson South Asia, has launched Diversity, Equity Inclusion (DEI) Consultancy - Turmeric Consulting. Turmeric Consulting offers a holistic and intersectional approach to its services and specialised offerings, helping organisations embrace differences, create inclusive work cultures, enable them to conduct their business with purpose and engage more meaningfully with all their stakeholders.

A professional with over 25 years of experience in the realm of DEI, HR, Training & Development, Roopa is a DEI Practitioner and Certified Diversity Auditor. A ‘talent enabler’, Roopa is passionate about leveraging her vast experience in people strategy and employee experience to enable behaviour and mindset shifts through systemic interventions. Prior to launching Turmeric Consulting, Roopa served as the chief talent officer at Wunderman Thompson South Asia.

The consultancy's name is inspired by Turmeric, which is known for its healing properties. Its brand identity is carefully curated, with each letter supporting and 'enabling' the other. The consultancy intends to partner with organisations in their DEI journey by offering end-to-end consulting, assessments, audits, and customised training programs for better business outcomes and social impact.

Commenting on the launch of her new venture, Roopa Badrinath, founder of Turmeric Consulting, said, “DEI is about being intentional and intersectional. It is about deliberately providing opportunities for all, creating level playing fields and ensuring that all voices are heard, so that people can realise their full potential by knowing that they matter, and their opinions and perspectives make a difference.

Employees want to feel like they are valued, respected, and have opportunities to succeed. They want to feel like they belong, are supported, and can advance. Today's workforce is mostly made up of Gen Z and millennials who are very purpose-driven. They want to see companies not only talk about social causes, but also take action. With organisations being held accountable for inclusive and equitable practices, the need for DEI interventions is greater than ever. Organisations are looking for a partner who can help them conceptualise and implement scalable DEI strategies that meet their specific needs. My goal at Turmeric Consulting is to partner with organisations in their DEI journey, and help change mindsets and attitudes so that an equitable future becomes a reality.

DEI is important for more than just compliance reasons. It also has a positive impact on business, talent, and social justice. A diverse workforce with diverse thinking leads to better ideas, creative problem-solving, collaboration, and innovative products and services. Employees are emotionally and intellectually connected to the organisation, leading to a reduction in attrition. All of this has a direct positive impact on the bottom line of the organisation. To achieve all of this, the status quo must be challenged and all systems and processes must be looked at from a DEI lens. I launched Turmeric Consulting in the Independence Day month because freedom for me is embracing diversity and differences and fostering change to free us from the shackles of prejudice, biases, and judgment. While it requires consistent effort and commitment, I deeply believe in the intentionality of organisations to spark meaningful change and be a force for good. I see Turmeric Consulting as an enabler to help organisations translate their intent into action.

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