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Humans of Bombay becomes the official storytelling partner for Rajasthan Royals

The collaboration aims to shine a spotlight on the RR players' enthralling life journeys, stemming from their diverse backgrounds and cities.

Humans of Bombay has collaborated with Rajasthan Royals, as their storytelling partner for the ongoing  season of India’s premier T20 league, with a special emphasis on sharing the awe-inspiring  narratives of the Rajasthan Royals Heroes.

This collaboration aims to shine a spotlight on the RR  players' enthralling life journeys, stemming from their diverse backgrounds and cities, which have  contributed significantly to their individuality and remarkable success stories. 

Established in 2014, Humans of Bombay is known to celebrate the raw, inspiring and  extraordinary stories of ordinary people, highlighting human emotions endowed with love, joy,  disappointments, tragedies and achievements through their dedicated social media platforms.  The collaboration with Rajasthan Royals is an ode to its legacy of celebrating life journeys through  the power of vivid and interesting storytelling. The collaborative effort will highlight the  experiences of the Rajasthan Royals players that have played a pivotal role in shaping their paths,  leading them all the way to the biggest T20 platform. These will be shared through a series of  captivating posts that will be doled out systematically throughout the cricketing season.  

The collaboration's mission is to showcase the human side of cricket, offering intimate glimpses  into the journey of Rajasthan Royals players through heartwarming anecdotes and powerful  narratives. The team's unique ethos, focused on teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship, will  be highlighted, showcasing how these players tackle challenges as public figures on and off the  field. Through genuine and original storytelling, the aim is to create empathy for the players,  foster a closer bond between them and their fans, and magnify the journey of each team  member.

Humans Of Bombay has begun rolling out the stories of the heroes in Pink, on their social media  platforms, with the first static post being of RR player – Riyan Parag. The post was made live for  HOB’s 4.5+ million community a day prior to the match. The match took place in Guwahati,  Assam, which coincidentally happened to be Riyan Parag’s hometown, and was a win for  Rajasthan Royals.

Fans can look forward to the stories of players like Yuzvendra Chahal, Jos Buttler, Kuldeep Sen  and more. The posts will predominantly revolve around their upbringing, their unwavering  commitment to the game, and their encounters with success. Additionally, it will also impart  valuable life lessons on how the RR players manage to maintain a balance between their  professional commitments and family life. It will highlight how they handle criticism on social  media and manage to stay grounded despite their mounting success.

Karishma Mehta, The Founder and CEO of Humans Of Bombay was quoted saying, “Everyone  possesses a distinct tale that is worth sharing with the world, whether they are a well-known celebrity, a renowned cricketer, or a humble chaiwala. What makes these stories truly endearing  is that each story has valuable life lessons to offer. As someone who has been an ardent cricket  fan from a young age, this collaboration feels like a momentous occasion that will forever hold a  special place in my heart. Through this collaboration, we bring stories of the Rajasthan Royals  team to the fore – revealing their human side through discerned narratives of the RR players,  delving into the journey that has shaped them into the acclaimed team that they are today.” 

Jake Lush McCrum, Chief Executive Officer, Rajasthan Royals, stated, “At the Royals, we’ve  always taken huge pride in unearthing young talent and providing them with a platform to excel,  which consequently brings these players into the limelight. We are constantly trying to curate  ways through which we are able to tell the powerful individual and collective stories of our  talented squad, and this collaboration with Humans of Bombay is one such step in that direction.  We believe our supporters around the world will love reading these stories which are captured  and portrayed with a unique perspective and highlight the grind that goes into reaching the very  top level.” 

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