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Is Uber creating a buzz for its upcoming campaign, or is its President trying to understand the customers?

Recently, Prabhjeet Singh, President, India and South Asia, Uber took on the role of an Uber driver in Delhi-NCR. We wonder why?

Imagine booking an Uber or Ola cab and getting the company’s senior leader as your driver. Well, if you’re residing in Delhi-NCR and often use Uber for your daily commute, you may get the cab aggregator’s President Prabhjeet Singh as your driver.

When Madhuvanthi Sundararajan, general manager-brand, Mamaearth, recently booked an Uber for herself, the driver greeted her with, ‘Hi Madhuvanthi, I am the CEO of Uber India and you are my first passenger today. Would you be willing to do this ride?’

Sundararajan shared her experience of this unique ride in a LinkedIn post, saying that when she booked an Uber cab, the driver immediately replied, ‘I am on my way’, without asking for her drop location. Well, most of us can relate to this.

The question that most drivers tend to ask before accepting any booking request is about the drop location. And, if the location is not as per the driver’s convenience, they cancel the booking. It’s a major pain point that cab aggregators need to address.

Ananya Dwivedi, founder, Artpillz (a musician aggregator platform), shared a similar experience on LinkedIn.

While both the posts mention that these rides were a part of Singh's primary research, a note at the back of the driver seat in Dwivedi’s picture clearly states, ‘This ride is subject to photography and videography.’ A camera can also be spotted on the windshield.

We wonder if this is an attempt by Uber India to create a buzz for its upcoming campaign, or a way to meet the customers and understand their sentiments.

Main image: Ananya Dwivedi's LinkedIn post

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