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ITC MasterChef Creations becomes RCB’s official Gourmet Food Partner

ITC Master Chef Creations has a specially curated menu for match time meals.

ITC Master Chef Creations and RCB join hands for this cricket season, and  bringing the flavours of authenticity to your homes with our traditional recipes, crafted by master chefs using age old practices, with precision. 

Bengaluru’s tastiest creations and Bengaluru’s boldest team, come together to create an extravaganza of flavours for you. RCB’s official gourmet partner, ITC Master Chef Creations, brings to you Authentic is bold meals, recipes, combos, and match time snacks.

It’s a partnership that in its essence brings two similar brand personalities together. RCB is bold on the field, while Creations gives you bold flavours off the field. RCB has a forever cult and loyal following, just like creations’ consumers, who regularly order in time and again for those authentic flavours. RCB wears their heart on their sleeves, like Master Chefs craft their dishes to ooze flavours in every bite. It’s a coming together of two electric, passionate, and authentic brands, and it’s only going to be a joyful, tasty experience for all of Bengaluru.

ITC Master Chef Creations has a specially curated menu for match time meals and family get togethers that will satisfy all your cravings. Amritsari Pindi Chole and Soft Masaledaar Kulche, to give you those authentic flavourful bites. Kebab Platters, Lassi, Snack Platters, Half and Half Kulcha Dabelis, for match-time snackables and super over binges. Chaat platters to dive into a world of flavours, with each crunchy bite almost like a well-timed shot to the fence. If you’re looking for rich and authentic flavours, there’s no better choice than ITC Master Chef Creations. This cricket season, Authentic is Bold.

Play Bold on the field with RCB and Play Bold off the field with ITC Master Chef Creations. Speaking on the occasion, Rajesh Menon, Head, Vice President of Royal Challengers Bangalore, said, “We are thrilled to partner with ITC Master Chef Creations and look forward to add to the taste and elegance of match viewing experience of every RCB fan with this partnership.”

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