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ITC Savlon launches masks

Savlon’s BIS certified masks to protect against particle aerosols of virus, bacteria, pollen and dust.

Preventive hygiene is at the forefront in this unprecedented pandemic. With the unlock, consumers are stepping out more frequently. As recommended by CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), Face Masks must be worn in public to reduce the risk of infection. With a plethora of choice available in masks, effectiveness is often a concern. ITC Savlon brings its lineage of trust to the category with the launch of its first BIS certified FFP2 S Mask.

Sharper consumer insights and expertise in product development has led to some of the most innovative product introductions by ITC Savlon in the last six months to help consumers to reduce the risk of infection and spreading of germs. In line with its commitment to add value in the lives of consumers, Savlon Mask provides protection at 95 per cent from particle aerosols of virus, bacteria, pollen and dust that are >=0.3 micron as compared to an ordinary cloth mask which offers only 82 per cent protection, basis lab study. The scientifically designed Savlon Mask has a 5-layer construct with electrostatically charged melt-blown filters with an enhanced ability to trap particle aerosols.

The Savlon FFP2 S Mask is tested for breathing, comfort and skin-compatibility. With its BIS certification, it is comparable to N95 Masks and are attractively priced for the Indian market.

Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited said, “Face masks will continue to be a necessity. Savlon with its lineage of trust and effectiveness forays into this category to help alleviate concerns of effectiveness and help make consumers an informed choice. The scientifically designed, BIS Certified FFP2 S Mask by Savlon is a testimony to ITC’s world class and exemplary Research and Development team and the brand’s relentless pursuit to offer effective and affordable solutions.”

Savlon masks will soon be available at leading retail stores and e-tailers at a price of Rs. 95 for a pack of 1, Rs. 360 for a pack of 4 and Rs. 1044 for a pack of 12. It also offers two designs. The Ear-Loop FFP2 S mask comes with a head-band converter strip and measures 15.5 cm X 19 cm and the Head-band FFP2 S mask is with adjustable straps and measures 15.2 cm X 21.8 cm

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