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KAI India appoints its Managing Director as a brand ambassador

The company made this announcement through print campaign which features Rajesh U Pandya as a regal Indian maharaja.

KAI India, the Indian arm of Japan’s beauty and kitchenware brand KAI has announced Rajesh U Pandya, the managing director of KAI India as a brand ambassador.

The company made this announcement through campaign which features Pandya as a regal Indian maharaja with a noble appearance, dressed in a traditional champagne gold sherwani with both hands on the hilt of a Japanese katana(sword).

Sharing his inspiration behind the concept, Pandya said, “This campaign expresses my passion for KAI and shows that KAI’s blades have become an integral part of Indian households. KAI razors which are made with state-of-the-art Japanese technology, are gentle enough to be used on your skin, to the brand’s signature kitchen knives that are sharp, durable and sturdy; this campaign shows how KAI is there to add value to your daily needs.”

“The other message the ad campaign communicates is that kitchen is not the exclusive domain of women. Many more men are involved in cooking, especially since the COVID pandemic. Moreover, though cooking is traditionally seen as the job of women, there are more male chefs than female chefs,” he says.

Pandya, who has worked extensively in different sectors all across the globe, has been driving KAI India’s growth since taking over as the MD in 2016. 

KAI India has launched several innovative and breakthrough products in the Indian market and has carved out a niche for itself in the hearts of customers.

“It is easier for consumers to accept advertisements which are rich in storytelling and a sense of familiarity in which company’s top executives play vital role for the brand. We believe Mr. Pandya to be the perfect representative of the essence of brand and his passion for the brand cannot be paralleled.” said Hitesh Singla, head of marketing at KAI India.

As an avid traveller, Pandya has travelled over 40 countries helping him develop a deep understanding of different cultures and people from various walks of life.

He also has rich experience of over three decades in various markets and industries. 

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