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Kalki Koechlin poses for a 'Shot On OnePlus' magazine cover

The actress featured on the cover of Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan November edition, in a photo shot on a OnePlus 8T phone.

The covers for Harper’s Bazaar India and Cosmopolitan were shot with Kalki in the picturesque lanes of Pondicherry. The OnePlus 8T 5G, which comes with a robust set of features, and is equipped with four rear cameras that offer exceptional photo quality.

The OnePlus 8T camera was able to capture the brightness of the garments used at the shoot, even in low-light conditions. A press note mentions that the camera also comes with an ultra-wide lens and super stable video, making it easier to shoot magazine-quality editorials. In addition, a terrific battery life meant the camera could be used throughout the 8-hour editorial shoot, without a need for charging the device.

“Technology is becoming increasingly integral to everything we do, and with so many tools available at our fingertips, it is also important to develop a sense of digital balance," says Cosmopolitan Editor and Harper's Bazaar Digital Editor Nandini Bhalla. "Our association with OnePlus was a seamless fit, as we truly believe that technology should improve our lives, and not distract from them. And with this partnership, we seek to spread and promote this positive message.”

Speaking on the initiative, Siddhant Narayan, Head of Marketing, OnePlus India, said, “We believe that digital cognizance is the need of the hour and are very happy that Cosmopolitan India & Harper’s Bazaar have decided to touch upon this extensively in their November issue."

Narayan says that at OnePlus, digital health and creating checks and balances for healthy use of technology is something that the company strongly stands by.

"That approach is evident in our creative process for products as well with features like Zen Mode and Work-Life Balance helping our users interact with their smartphones more consciously, free of distractions. We are honoured to be working with Cosmo & Bazaar to talk to a larger audience on digital well-being, an issue that touches each and every one of us personally," he says.

Publisher of India Today Lifestyle Group, Karen Wilson Kumar adds, “OnePlus remains a very special partner, and together, we have created several memorable campaigns over the last year. I am pleased to take our partnership forward in a more inclusive way, by spreading a very vital communication around digital well-being. I believe it is a great initiative by OnePlus to sensitise people about the need to have a certain 'balance' when it comes to the use of technology.”

The OnePlus 8T was launched in India on October 14.

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