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KENT becomes the title sponsor for Star Sports Network's Cricket Live Show

It aims to promote a healthier lifestyle, mirroring the pure experience, and connect with a wider audience.

KENT RO Systems, the RO Purifier brand, is proud to announce its title sponsorship of Cricket Live on the Star Sports Network. The show, renowned for its comprehensive pre-match, mid-match, and post-match coverage with expert analysis, will now be powered by KENT's commitment to purity and health.

Since 1999, KENT has been dedicated to providing customers with 100% pure water. Over the last two decades, the company has developed and patented advanced technologies for multimodal purification, including RO, UV, UF, and TDS controllers. KENT Technology has consistently led the way in addressing water purification concerns, ensuring that clean water is accessible to everyone.

KENT’s solutions offer benefits such as zero water waste, retention of essential minerals, digital purity and mineral display, and UV technology in the storage tank to maintain water purity for extended periods. These advancements underscore KENT's mission to deliver not just pure water, but also a healthier lifestyle.

Mahesh Gupta, chairman and MD of KENT RO Systems, expressed his excitement about the partnership, “We are thrilled to associate with Star Sports Network's Cricket Live show, a platform that resonates with millions of cricket fans across the nation. Cricket is a sport that unites India, and our partnership reflects our commitment to health and purity, values that are integral to both cricket and KENT. Just as cricket enthusiasts seek the pure thrill of the game, KENT is dedicated to providing pure and safe drinking water. This collaboration is a perfect blend of passion, purity, and performance.”

The sponsorship aligns with KENT's vision of promoting a healthier lifestyle through clean water, mirroring the pure and exhilarating experience that cricket brings to its fans.With this partnership, KENT aims to connect with a wider audience, emphasising the importance of pure water in everyday life.

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