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Kotak811 launches AI-designed cricket-themed debit cards for sports enthusiasts

Created by Schbang, Kotak811 will launch six distinct debit card designs.

Kotak811, the online banking division of Kotak Mahindra Bank, has introduced a unique product that adds the excitement of cricket to people's daily lives. The company has released the groundbreaking Kotak811 image debit cards, which feature cricket-inspired designs and utilize artificial intelligence and technology to present the sport in a new and thrilling way.

The cricket themed debit cards offer the customers a distinctive and exhilarating avenue to express their passion for cricket. By seamlessly integrating AI-driven designs into the banking experience, Kotak811 & Schbang have bridged the realms of technology and sports fandom. The standout feature of these debit cards lies in their cricket-themed designs created by Schbang, with the use of AI. During the concept stage, the team at Schbang had two key objectives in mind: to reimagine cricket using AI and to ensure that every transaction becomes a celebration of the sport.

Kotak811 will be introducing a total of six distinct debit card designs during this cricket season. The debit cards offer a range of features, including convenient tap-and-pay functionality and acceptance at both online and offline stores, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

Manish Agarwal, business head - Kotak811, said "At Kotak811, we're dedicated to continually pushing the boundaries of innovation to ensure that our customers experience the very best in banking. Our AI-designed cricket-themed debit cards exemplify this commitment by seamlessly fusing cutting-edge technology with deep-seated passion for the game of cricket."

Jatin Sinha, head of business transformation at Schbang had a broader vision for this project. He conveys, “In this digital age, it's all about disruption, thinking differently, and then bringing that thought process alive. At Schbang, we took this to heart, we wanted to transform an everyday item - a debit card, into something more meaningful, into a collectible that every cricket aficionado would cherish. Our creative and design team worked in unison to leverage AI in building photorealistic visuals. The end result evokes not just the elements of cricket, but infuses a sense of passion and excitement in owning these special edition cards. We believe that's been our true accomplishment - creating a product that brings the thrill of cricket into people's wallets."

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