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Kriti Sanon's beauty venture 'Hyphen' launched in partnership with Conran Design Group and PEP Technologies

The logo for the skincare company has been created by the Conran Design Group.

The Conran Design Group in Mumbai, the brand design specialist agency of Havas India, has teamed up with PEP Technologies, the company behind mCaffeine, and Kriti Sanon to launch Hyphen, a new skincare brand.

Conran Design Group Mumbai played a pivotal role in creating Hyphen's logo that established a unique visual identity for the brand, in pursuit of PEP Technologies' and Kriti's shared vision to revolutionize skincare.

The skincare industry can often be confusing for consumers with all the complex terminology, and making them choose between nature-based products which might not be as effective, and science-driven brands which can be quite intimidating. Hyphen wants to bridge this gap by offering straightforward yet effective solutions to skincare goals, harnessing the power of nature and science. Their primary mission is to provide budget-friendly beauty solutions, with products ranging from Rs 449 to Rs 649.

Gupta said that Conran Design Group Mumbai did a great job with the brand logo and that their thinking is very unique and creative.

Geet Nazir, managing partner at Conran Design Group Mumbai, said that the agency is committed to delivering simple and effective brand solutions to complex business challenges. She said that Hyphen represents their ability to create a brand grammar that breaks through clutter and stands out in the beauty industry.

Mayuri Nikumbh says that the creative process for the design of Hyphen was a mix of Kriti's vision, unique visual elements, and a user-friendly information structure. The objective was to produce a brand that would make people confident in its effectiveness and proud to own it, resulting in a straightforward but distinctive brand identity and eye-catching packaging system that strikes a balance between accessibility and aspiration.

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