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Kusha Kapila and Sara Ali Khan turn personal chauffeurs to women on their way to a Tinder date

It’s the dating app’s new show ‘Swipe Right’.

Who’s not nervous before a date, especially one that’s set up with your Tinder Date? Nobody. And the most nerve-wracking time is that commute to the restaurant cafe before meeting your date.

Tinder knows it better than anybody else so it got social media influencer Kusha Kapila to play chauffeur to girls on their way to meet their Tinder date; it is the dating app’s new show ‘Swipe Ride’.

Along with Kusha Kapila is actress Sara Ali Khan and what you’re in is a conversation on Tinder bios, dates, and a lot more stuff with tons of humour.

“Hitch a ride with Kusha Kapila and in-house shaayar Sara Ali Khan on #SwipeRide, the only show where India’s favourite behens turn into your personal-chauffeurs-cum-hype women as they drop you to your next Tinder date.”

“To book a Kusha-cab all you need is an OTP, a Tinder match, a date and to slide into @tinder_india’s DMs with the city, date and details of your next date!” reads the show’s YouTube description.