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LS Digital launches Marketing Data Infrastructure, a tool for consumer-based data driven marketing

The framework comprises of three key components: Collect, Connect, and Activate, designed to enable smooth customer experiences.

LS Digital, an independent digital marketing transformation (DMT) company from India, recently launched its innovative Marketing Data Infrastructure (MDI), a comprehensive framework designed to unlock the vast potential of consumer data, as a part of LS Digital's commitment to knowledge sharing and industry collaboration. The framework comprises three key components: Collect, Connect, and Activate, aimed at facilitating seamless consumer journeys and empowering businesses with valuable insights to enhance products and services.

Through MDI, LS Digital will address industry challenges by aggregating data across systems (Collect), triangulating data to establish consumer identity (Connect), and leveraging data for substantial growth (Activate). It will establish a marketing data lake, offering a consolidated perspective on consumers and fostering data-driven decision-making.

MDI distinguishes itself by being user-friendly, seamlessly integrating with existing marketing tools, and staying abreast of industry trends. It not only protects brands’ investment in existing MarTech tools but also enriches them, providing businesses with dynamic lead scoring, customer segmentation, brand sentiment analysis, marketing attribution models, propensity modelling, customer churn prediction, sales forecasting, and more. It fuels business growth through audience segmentation activation, facilitating a profound understanding of consumer cohorts.

Vinay Tamboli - senior vice president digital analytics & consulting business, LS Digital said, “In response to the shifting tides of digital marketing, we are in the best position to introduce a suite of cutting-edge Marketing Data Infrastructure services based on our 12 years of experience of working with 700+ customers across industries. Businesses can now leverage expertise from our hands-on practitioners to construct a future-proof foundation for personalised and privacy-conscious marketing campaigns.”

Considering third-party cookie deprecation, the importance of first-party data is elevated. Building a robust marketing data infrastructure and making use of existing invested tools effectively is crucial for brands for their success in the market. MDI will enrich existing marketing tools rather than acting as a standalone product.

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