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McDonald’s cooks up ‘butter chicken’ and ‘butter paneer’ grilled burgers for North and East India

It follows the addition of Pineapple TidBit Fruit Bowls, apple juice, and chocolate milk shake to Happy Meals.

McDonald’s India, in the north and east of India, has doled out two new burgers - Butter Chicken Grilled Burger and Butter Paneer Grilled Burger.

“Bite into this delicious grilled patty, with dripping makhani sauce, covered in super-soft sesame buns, and go Burrraaahh!,” reads the QSR giant’s Instagram post introducing the two new burgers.

This addition is the latest in line with McDonald’s India’s offering. Last year, it collaborated with Dole Sunshine Company (Dole) to offer Dole Pineapple TidBit Fruit Bowl as a side dish and apple juice or chocolate milkshake in addition to the burger of their choice with their Happy Meal.

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