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Mithai which ain’t mithai; meet Kwality Wall’s Gulab Jamun ice cream dessert

It is the third new offering from HUL’s dessert brand in 2022.

India’s appetite for fusion food is quite voracious. How else can you explain the success of dishes like Chinese Bhel, Gobhi Manchurian, Idli Chilli, Pav Bhaji Fondue, among many others?

Adding another item to this ever-growing menu is HUL’s dessert brand Kwality Wall’s. It has launched a Gulab Jamun ice cream flavour during this festival season.

In an ad released last week, starring actress Kajol, the ice cream brand positioned this dessert as “mithai which is not a mithai.”

Delicious mithai meets creamy goodness, reads the ad’s description.

While new, this flavour is not unique. The HUL ice cream brand will compete against the likes of Vadilal, NIC, and a string of local ice cream sellers and parlours.

This flavour marks the third new offering from Kwality Wall’s in 2022. During the recently concluded Durga Pujo, Kwality Wall’s launched Nolen Gur (liquid date jaggery) in a cup.  

And, in February this year, it introduced the Trixy Cheesecake, which is described as “crunchy cinnamon cookies, creamy cheesecake flavour and delicious blueberry sauce” in a cup.

Three new launches in a year mean that the brand is quite bullish. It is evident after ‘The Telegraph’ reported, in September 2022, that Kwality Wall’s reached a business of Rs 1,000 crore now.

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