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Music platforms launch copies of Spotify Wrapped

The likes of Apple, YouTube and Wynk have launched similar formats, but not with the same results.

After the popularity of Spotify Wrapped, the music streaming platform's annual wrap-up of the user's listening stats, many others have launched their own versions of it. However, none of them seem to have achieved the same results.

Apple Music users can see their most played songs of the past 12 months, with Apple Replay. YouTube Music introduced 2021 Recap and a seasonal Spring Recap in June this year to compete with Spotify Wrapped. Airtel-owned platform Wynk Music brought out Wynk Rewind.

Spotify Wrapped has set a high benchmark and is one of the most widely shared marketing campaigns globally.

It is difficult to match its detailed stats, like the different genres explored throughout the year, daily listening habits, country-based rankings, and more. These are complemented by its creative display of information, another huge reason for its popularity.

Every year, around late November or early December, Spotify users share their unique musical journeys on their social media platforms. It is one of the most awaited lists for the listeners, and many consider it a preferred platform for this.

Spotify launched Year in Review in 2013. It took the form of the Wrapped campaign only in 2016. Although YouTube launched its version Rewind in 2010, it was unable to match the popularity of Wrapped. YouTube has now brought Rewind back as Recap.

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