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'Immunity modak': Dabur goes to market with Ganpati 'prasad'

Made from Dabur Ratnaprash, the 'modak' provides immunity, which will help the elderly, who're more susceptible to the Coronavirus than other age groups, stay safe.

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is incomplete without copious consumption of 'modaks'. Kids, teens, adults and even the elderly, nobody can resist a good 'modak' as they welcome, worship and seek blessings from 'Bappa'.

But, too many 'modaks' are not good for digestion. Many of us can attest to that. And let's face it, the present atmosphere is not ripe for even a little stomach ache. Nothing is more important than immunity right now.

FMCG giant Dabur seems to think so too, because it has introduced special immunity 'modaks' made from Dabur Ratnaprash, a product that, as per the brand's website, is 'For youthful vigour and vitality.'

The company as even released an ad where an elderly man reminiscences about his late wife, the 'modaks' she prepared during this time, and how he'd gobble 8-10 at a time. But, now he can't eat them because he has to keep his health and immunity in mind, and also he doesn't know how to make them.

His daughter-in-law then steps in with a plate of 'modaks' and tells him that he can eat them because these are Ganpati Ratna 'modaks' made from Dabur Ratnaprash. "They carry blessings of immunity."

Dr Durga Prasad, head marketing, Ayurvedic Ethicals, Dabur India, said, "The Ratnaprash 'modaks' are made using Dabur Ratnaprash and 'meva'. Dabur Ratnaprash contains more than 40 Ayurvedic ingredients, like Pippalli, Ashwagandha, Giloy, Mulethi and Abhrakbhasma, which are known to improve lung health and boost immunity."

"The Ratnaprash 'modaks', which help boost immunity while also improving fitness and energy levels, are being offered as 'prasad' to blood and plasma donors visiting blood donation camps that have been organised as part of the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.”

We really shouldn't be surprised with these 'modaks', considering the conversation around health and immunity, and how various brands are doing their bit around immunity.