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PepsiCo India joins ONDC Network to enhance product discoverability and customer outreach

This partnership will make PepsiCo's products like Pepsi®, 7UP®, Mountain Dew®, Tropicana®, Lay’s®, Kurkure® available across the ONDC network.

PepsiCo India has announced its collaboration with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) Network. This strategic partnership is set to revolutionize the way PepsiCo's diverse range of products reaches buyers, fostering an extended customer outreach through the various seller applications affiliated with ONDC.

Ahmed ElSheikh, president of PepsiCo India, expressed his views on this collaboration, stating that the Indian Government's establishment of ONDC as a centralized solution catering to diverse consumer needs is a remarkable initiative to reshape the national e-commerce landscape. ElSheikh went on to say that PepsiCo India's focus is on maximizing the choices available to consumers when it comes to accessing our products, and that integrating with ONDC is a significant stride in this journey as it not only empowers us to leverage cutting-edge technological solutions for quicker and more flexible market entry but also underscores our commitment to enhancing consumer experiences.

T Koshy, the managing director and chief executive officer of ONDC, said that he was thrilled about the partnership, and that it would enable PepsiCo India to reach a wider customer base while providing buyers on the network with an expanded array of choices.

This partnership between PepsiCo India and the ONDC Network will make PepsiCo's products, including iconic brands like Pepsi®, 7UP®, Mountain Dew®, Tropicana®, Lay’s®, Kurkure®, and Quaker Oats®, available across the ONDC network. This is expected to streamline the accessibility of PepsiCo's products, catering to the evolving preferences of consumers in the digital age. As the ONDC Network continues to reshape the e-commerce landscape in India, partnerships like these are set to redefine the way companies engage with consumers and make their products accessible.

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