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Popstar King partners with Raj Shamani to introduce fragrance range ‘Blanko’

House of X enters the personal care and grooming category with Blanko that aims to empower consumers to dream big and bold.

House of X has joined hands with the popular Indian pop star King for its first-ever brand launch - Blanko. Brainchild of the global phenomenon King, Blanko marks the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey after marking his territory globally with his music. Blanko is a fragrance brand designed to empower passionate individuals with the power to dream big and bold. 

Starting his music journey at a very early age, King has amassed a massive following with popular tracks like Tu Aake Dekhle, Maan Meri Jaan to name a few. His ability to narrate everyday tales of human lives has made him a fan favourite. With its powerful long lasting formulation and minimalist packaging, King has a single message for his consumers - It is your life, make it count. Launching exclusively on Blanko’s website, Blanko is built on the philosophy that every individual deserves access to quality grooming products without compromising on price, quality and choice.

Commenting on his dream project, King, Indian Popstar and Founder, Blanko  said, “It’s a super proud and emotional moment for me to be finally able to make Blanko a reality with my dear friend Raj. Blanko comes from a very personal space in my own journey. As someone who has hustled all his life, I want my fans to have the conviction that they can confidently embark on their journeys of self-discoveries, and shatter the stereotypes with their LOUD and BOLD dreams. The very foundation of Blanko is built on their dreams. With this in mind, and alongside my partners at House of X, who believe in The Next Big Thing, I am happy to present Blanko and its offerings to the world.” 

As the name suggests, Blanko stands for ‘Blank Out the World’, as it urges its audience to drown the hullabaloo of the society, and listen to the voice that matters the most to them; their unique confident selves. Committed to offering consumers with creating a lasting impression and a strong statement, the products are curated to revolutionise grooming to become more personal. 

Commenting on the launch, Raj Shamani, content creator and founder, House of X said, “We couldn’t be more happier to launch our first-ever creator-led brand with King. His commitment towards his fans and helping them realise their big dreams aligns perfectly with the change that House of X is here to make. Having the first-mover advantage in being a tech-platform that enables creator-led D2C brands, we are confident in our ability to take Blanko to new heights with our end-to-end tools. King’s motivation to channelise his passion to build something larger than life for the world is extremely powerful, and we are thrilled to be actualising it in reality for him.” 

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