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Procter & Gamble aims for equal representation of female directors for its ads in India

P&G plans to build, fuel and connect a pipeline of diverse female talent in advertising, media and content opportunities as a solution.

Procter & Gamble announced its commitment to achieve equal representation of female directors behind the camera for its advertisements across brands in India over the next three years. P&G will lead this via actions to build, fuel and connect a pipeline of diverse female talent in advertising, media and content opportunities as a systemic solution.

Sharat Verma, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President – Fabric Care, P&G India said, “At P&G, we want to leverage our voice in advertising and media to be a force for good and a force for growth. We are proud of the progress we have made in sparking conversations on gender equality through campaigns like Ariel #ShareTheLoad, Whisper #KeepGirlsInSchool, Gillette #ShavingStereotypes, among others."

"As we continue to drive accurate portrayal of women in front of the camera, we understand the importance of driving equal representation behind the camera. With that in mind, over the next three years we are committing to achieve equal representation of women directors for advertisements we make across our brands in India. We believe that having more women behind the camera will help the industry achieve a more accurate and unbiased portrayal of women in advertising,” Verma adds.

P&G will also continue responsible advertising by breaking stereotypes and busting myths via its advertising including characteristics, roles and context.

P&G also announced the following new Gender Equality related declarations:

• P&G will continue on its commitment to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene, through its brand Whisper®. P&G has educated more than 4 crore girls in India on menstrual hygiene till date and will educate more than 2.5 crore adolescent girls, on puberty and hygiene over the next three years

• In line with P&G India’s announcement to invest in women-owned businesses in 2018, the company has already spent more than ₹200 Cr ($30 million) with women-owned businesses in India. Furthering this commitment, P&G will spend ₹300 Cr by deliberately working with women-owned businesses in India over the next three years

• In order to provide equal opportunity for women in STEM roles, P&G will:

◦ Build digital and technological capability of 10,000+ women across P&G’s external network (including customers, retailers, agency partners, among others) over the next year.

◦ Leverage Government’s NEEM Mission across all plant locations in India to upskill and create opportunities exclusively for girls in the neighbouring communities around its plant.

◦ Annually engage with 150+ colleges that offer STEM curriculum via a dedicated program focused on breaking gender barriers in STEM and Supply Chain. The company will also work with NITIE towards tackling on-ground, perception-based and opportunity-linked barriers with an aim to double the gender ratio on NITIE campus over the next 5 years

• P&G is introducing ‘Share the Care’, a new inclusive parental leave policy in India. This will entitle all new parents including biological parents, domestic partners, adoptive parents, parents in same-sex couples to 8 weeks fully paid parental leave. This builds on the company’s existing maternity leave policy of 26 weeks for birthing mothers and adoption leave of 26 weeks for primary caregivers.

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