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PUBG's parent company Krafton announces partnership with Tesla

Krafton has released the first content update for Battlegrounds Mobile India, which includes a Tesla partnership.

Leading South Korean video game developer Krafton has announced the introduction of mission ignition mode and a partnership with Tesla, the forward-thinking auto brand. This is the first content update for the game, Battlegrounds Mobile India, after its official launch on July 2, 2021.

The classic mode has also been updated to include an all-new weapon, the MG3, as well as a new feature to toss medical items to your squad mates in those clutch situations. The MG3 is a light machine gun that may be obtained by airdrops while playing classic maps, apart from Karakin. Instead, the M249, which was previously airdropped, will now appear directly on the map for loot.

A multitude of features has been introduced to make the gameplay better. For the first time, gyroscope sensitivity can be changed, third-person perspective (TPP) camera angles can be tuned, and ammo indicators will allow for more finesse in strategy. 90FPS is now supported on a host of new devices, while a graphical option lower than smooth has been added for low-end devices.

Battlegrounds Mobile India will also feature a partnership with Tesla. Attracted by the technological leaps being made on Erangel, Tesla has installed its Gigafactory in four fixed locations across the map. Players can enter the Gigafactory and watch the production of a Tesla Model Y, from start to finish.

They can then drive away in their new car and also experience the ground-breaking autopilot feature available in all Tesla vehicles. A self-driving Tesla Semi will also spawn randomly on rural roads and automatically run along specific routes.

Sand bottle exchanges have been added to the events section. The players can complete challenges to earn sand bottles, which they can then swap for great prizes. Some brand new events have been added to the mix, including Damage Missions, Movement Missions and, in keeping with the theme, all-new Mission Ignition.

Krafton has also announced the royale pass month system, called RPM1, for the inaugural month for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Each royale pass month is priced at 360UC, with the highest rank achievable limited to 50. Keeping in line with player feedback, the introduction of the challenge point system rewards players for positive behaviour, such as not quitting, not using friendly fire, etc.

The new mission ignition mode will have six major places on the Erangel map, which will be transformed into research and energy facilities. The players will be able to enjoy a whole new method of tactically manipulating the game with the addition of combat features, such as patrol robots and information collectors. The automatic hyperline, which transports players, is another eye-catching feature.

Finally, the last big announcement is clan clash. Clans can fight against each other in a fortnightly battle and get clan points. Clans will have similar activity level before being pitted against each other. Each event will end with the individual and clan contributions summing up to crown a winner.