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Ravi Shastri gives golmaal advice in Britannia's 'BritannAI' campaign with personalised video replies

The campaign has been created in collaboration with Mindshare India.

Britannia has launched a new campaign featuring cricketing legend Ravi Shastri. The campaign, called Britannia 50-50 Golmaal, offers a unique way for users to interact with Ravi Shastri during the cricket season. Users can receive personalised video responses from him, providing Golmaal advice.

Britannia and Mindshare India have teamed up to tap into India's passion for cricket and Ravi Shastri's expertise. The collaboration aims to provide entertaining and clever responses to fans' unconventional questions. The campaign's main focus is on celebrating the brand's long-standing association with cricket and encouraging the audience to embrace their curiosity. By giving consumers a platform to ask cricket-related questions to the renowned Ravi Shastri, the brand aims to enhance the personalized experience. During the peak of the cricket season's excitement, Ravi Shastri's digital avatar will engage the audience in a unique and unprecedented way, fulfilling their desire to hear from a cricketing legend.

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On World Biscuit Day, Britannia created an immersive experience using advanced Generative AI and meticulous design to transport audiences to the enchanting world of Britannia biscuits. This experience brings to life a magical land featuring popular Britannia biscuits like Jim Jams and Bourbons. Similarly, on Independence Day, Britannia launched the '1947% More History' campaign. This heartwarming initiative beautifully tells the inspiring stories of India's remaining freedom fighters. By using Augmented Reality (AR) technology triggered by Britannia products found in households across the country, the campaign film effectively uses generative AI to vividly showcase historical visuals from the freedom movement and recreate the youthful profiles of these heroic figures who courageously shared their own narratives.

The new Golmaal AI chatbot campaign stands out by being able to generate AI-powered video responses of Ravi Shastri for user queries. This campaign is a significant achievement in Indian advertising as it combines ChatGPT4 with a Text-to-Video engine, creating a unique approach where a marketing campaign provides AI-powered video responses from a celebrity. The campaign's team created a digital avatar of Ravi Shastri, which can generate automated videos based on text input. These videos include voice and facial expression modulation, providing consumers with a personalized and enjoyable way to interact with the digital avatar of Ravi Shastri.

Commenting on the campaign, Amit Doshi, chief marketing officer of Britannia said “Britannia’s commitment is to embrace new horizons and provide valuable experiences that resonate deeply with our audience. A mission that has been exemplified through our integration of AI across diverse campaigns, ensuring that consumers continue to enjoy innovative and unforgettable experiences. Bringing alive this vision of innovative user engagement, we are thrilled to launch Britannia 50-50 AI Chatbot. Britannia's profound connection with cricket and its rich history is woven into the fabric of our brand. This campaign is a celebration of our enduring dedication to the sport that unites the nation. This endeavor made possible through our strategic partnership with Mindshare India and the pioneering integration of AI technology, marks a remarkable journey towards forging an entirely novel connection with our valued consumers.

He further added ‘The involvement of the legendary cricket icon, Ravi Shastri, in Britannia 50-50 Golmaal adds an exhilarating dimension to the campaign. Ravi Shastri's digital avatar, powered by AI, allows us to seamlessly engage with our consumers, offering them insights and entertainment in a manner previously unexplored. We hope to continue exploring the transformative power of AI across all our campaigns.”

Amin Lakhani, chief executive officer, Mindshare South Asia, "In a world where AI is playing an important role across the marketing funnel, this campaign is truly a differentiated way of enhancing consumer experiences to drive brand growth.

What makes this really innovative, is the bringing together of technologies and partnerships to tell the Britannia story. The content expertise of Mindshare and the giant strengths of ChatGPT4 and ‘Text-to-Video Engine’ has made this campaign really enduring and not just a passing fad."

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