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Reebok's Sunil Gupta on his marketing strategy...

Massachusetts-headquartered fitness and lifestyle brand — Reebok — launched its latest campaign in India — 'She Got Ree' — yesterday. We caught up with Sunil Gupta, brand director, Reebok India, on the sidelines of the event to understand the brand's marketing strategy better.

Fitness and lifestyle brand Reebok launched its latest campaign — ‘She Got Ree’ — featuring brand ambassador Katrina Kaif, yesterday. The campaign strives to strengthen the brand's commitment in its constant pursuit of fitness, inspite of the challenges that women might face in their day-to-day lives. The campaign has been conceptualised by advertising agency Wunderman Thompson.

In a similar campaign supporting female empowerment, launched earlier this year — 'It's a man's world' — the brand highlighted women who are breaking standards and making their mark in male-dominated industries, featuring a host of women who continue to break down cultural and gender stereotypes.

Launched in India in 1995, the Massachusetts-headquartered brand roped in Katrina Kaif as its brand ambassador in the summer of this year. German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas-Salomon tookover Reebok — a British footwear and apparel company in 2005 in a deal worth US $3.8 billion.

On the sideline's of the campaign launch, we got in touch with Reebok India’s brand director Sunil Gupta to understand the brand's marketing strategies better.

Sunil Gupta, brand director, Reebok India
Sunil Gupta, brand director, Reebok India

We mentioned to him that today, the consumer is overwhelmed with the choices available in the market. We asked him, in such a scenario, what USP of scenario stands out? He shares that the brand (Reebok) lives at the intersection of fitness and fashion, and products reflect that connection. “Moving forward, as we continue to differentiate ourselves, we’re blurring the lines between performance and style even more to give us consistency across products,” he says.

Speaking of the sportswear market in India, he acknowledges that it has significantly evolved over the past few years. “There’s been an upsurge of new forms of fitness such as Crossfit, UFC, MMA, HIIT, etc. as well as an increased participation in on-ground fitness events. Further, he states that this evolution has led to an increased share of wallet being spent on performance-oriented fitness products.

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The brand's target audience is the game changer who leads an aspirational lifestyle. “This consumer shares our passion for fitness, is continuously evolving and is willing to experiment with brands that share his/her beliefs,” Gupta shares.

About the campaign with Kaif, he tells us it is a celebration of fitness and depicts the myriad ways in which women can harness their energy and enjoy being fit no matter where they are — be it the gym, outdoors, or anywhere in between. “It’s a call for everyone to find their “Ree” which is the joy and spirit of being fit.”

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