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Reliance partners with Elephant for Puric Instasafe

Puric Instasafe is a range of personal & home care products by Reliance Retail.

Given that health and hygiene have become crucial in our pandemic-struck world, people are looking for informed lifestyle choices. Most products claiming to keep germs, bacteria or viruses at bay were born before the onset of Covid-19. For a consumer looking to safeguard her family through pure and efficacious products today, it has become imperative to know whether these products are actually making good on their promises.

The Puric range of personal & home care products was developed out of this exact insight. Every product in this portfolio is geared towards providing instantaneous protection. The user gets an immediate sensorial signal to know that the product is acting as it should. The Puric portfolio is comprised of diverse products across multiple formats, with an impressive array of benefits. The prime challenge to be solved by design was to convey this instant efficacy and protection from an expert with access to the best formulations that alleviate contemporarily relevant concerns.

“We set out to develop a contemporary brand of efficacious care. Solid blue, fresh green and a hint of silver form the primary palette. The promise of instant action and safety-based cleanliness is backed by a clear mention of the potent, indigenously derived ingredients that the products are enriched with. We believe design is about helping consumers navigate better; whether through e-commerce or on retail shelves. Our work is always focused on people and their needs.”, explains Ashwini Deshpande, co-founder and director, Elephant.

Speaking on the collaboration, Surabhi Sen, business head, Reliance Retail Consumer Brands (FMCG & Grocery) said, “We decided to bring Elephant on board at an early stage to benefit from their vast experience on design thinking. They helped plan and implement a clear and consistent architecture across the portfolio with a well-defined, relevant information hierarchy that cohesively addresses user concerns. We believe that we’ve made a stellar start and shall definitely stick to this user-centric approach as we move further.”

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