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Roger Federer teams up with Switzerland Tourism as its brand ambassador

The tennis great looks to do for the country what he does for the sport – draw in the crowds.

Roger Federer is a graceful artist whose canvas is the tennis court. One of the all-time greats, he paints a picture of silent strength, extreme focus, and has developed a beautiful habit of making the hardest of shots look like child’s play. Of the court, he’s quite the down-to-earth chill guy you wouldn’t mind sitting next to you at a bar sipping a glass of beer or wine.

Today, he is Switzerland Tourism’s brand ambassador. It’s quite the match because he, in a way, epitomises the country’s character: Serene, graceful, and gorgeous to look at, a hint of adventure, and always out of controversy (Switzerland is famous for choosing to stay neutral).

Roger Federer teams up with Switzerland Tourism as its brand ambassador

It’s a long-term partnership and the common goal is to attract guests to Switzerland. This announcement comes at a crucial time when global travel is still reeling from the impact of the Coronavirus; it’s the worst tourism crisis since the Second World War.

“This is a perfect match because Switzerland and its unblemished nature have clearly contributed to Roger’s unprecedented career” explains ST’s CEO, Martin Nydegger and he went on to add that Switzerland Tourism and Roger Federer share countless values. Establishing this partnership is a unique opportunity and of great importance to us. Making a difference while recovering from the challenges of the past months and beyond will be a journey with numerous highlights.

“I have always felt, whenever I step on the court, I am representing Switzerland. Whenever it says my name, there is a Swiss flag next to it. I have been very proud to do that for the first 22 years I have been on tour, and it will always be like that. To join forces with ST now is a logical step for me” said Roger Federer in a conversation with Nydegger.

The communication will first begin throughout April with a focus on European cities followed by the USA and the Asia Pacific, specifically India.

The last time we saw an official brand ambassador for the tourism board's India plans was Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh in 2017. He aimed to rebrand the European nation as a fun and adventure tourist destination for the Indian affluent youth than just a romantic honeymoon destination, an image built thanks to countless depictions in Bollywood movies.