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Salesforce's new report says that Indian marketers view 'innovation' as their top priority

Called 'State of Marketing', the report reveals the main agents that will drive marketing through the crisis.

Salesforce, a global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) has released the sixth edition of its 'State of Marketing' report. In it, you will find data and observations from more than 7,000 senior marketers across 30 countries.

The report also provides country-specific inputs. Here are the key observations from India.


Sunil Jose, SVP, Salesforce India said, "The COVID-19 crisis is forcing marketers in India to rethink every aspect of their business – from strategic priorities and challenges to the technological and team skills they will need — as they navigate getting back to work during a global crisis, and then continuing to transform the customer experience to be best positioned for success in the years ahead."

He continued, "The insights in this year’s State of Marketing report are a helpful guide for marketers as they journey to recover and transform their business.”

Here are the key inputs from India:

1. Marketer's top priorities: Innovating, Engaging customers in real-time, and Improving marketing ROI/attribution.

2. 91% of marketers share common goals with sales teams.

3. Top success metrics: Marketing leads, Social analytics, Sales effectiveness.

You can read the entire report here (India profile is on page 35)