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Samco Securities lights up Diwali Muhurat Trading with #SCANASWASTIK

The AR innovation, created by Dentsu & Posterscope integrates a Swastik to simplify trading during the Muhurat Trading this festive season.

SAMCO Securities, a leading stockbroker in India, is set to brighten this Diwali Muhurat trading with a captivating blend of tradition and technology. This initiative combines the spirit of Muhurat Trading with a unique Augmented Reality (AR) that promises to simplify stock selection during Muhurat Trading.

To lighten up the festival further, SAMCO Securities has taken a creative approach by incorporating their Swastik logo into an Augmented Reality (AR) filter. This innovative fusion allows users to scan any Swastik around them and unlock exclusive Muhurat Trading by proving stock ideas with a personalized and unique experience. SAMCO's use of their Swastik logo as a brand element for this AR filter seamlessly blends tradition with modern technology, making this Diwali celebration truly celebratory

Jimeet Modi, CEO of SAMCO Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the Muhurat Trading campaign, saying, "We are thrilled to introduce the Muhurat Trading campaign to our users. Diwali is a time of positivity, celebration, and reflection, and we wanted to create something that captures the festival's essence while showcasing our commitment to innovation and user experience. With our Web AR filter, we aim to make Diwali unforgettable for our users.

The underlying insight driving this initiative is that while people are familiar with the concept of Muhurat Trading during Diwali, they often lack guidance on where to invest or trade effectively. Leveraging the Swastik, a symbol of prosperity and an existing brand logo element, SAMCO sought to simplify and enhance the Muhurat Trading experience, ensuring that users can embark on their wealth creation journey with confidence and ease.”

Speaking on the campaign, Ajay Dusane, chief growth officer, SAMCO Securities said, “Ajay Dusane, Chief Growth Officer at SAMCO Securities, expressed, "Our objective is to simplify the trading journey for our users, helping them uncover the 'Andekha Sach' of their trading experience with us. This Muhurat Trading , we merge tradition with technology to create a one of its kind and memorable celebration for the consumers."

As Diwali approaches, SAMCO Securities invites everyone to partake in the "Muhurat Trading Campaign" to experience a perfect fusion of tradition and technology, bringing prosperity and joy to the festival of lights where they will provide you with expert-backed stock ideas to illuminate your investment journey."

The integrated campaign featuring AR filters and social media amplification has been designed by Dentsu. Highlighting the objective behind the campaign, Giamaria Fernandes, group creative director, Dentsu Webchutney, noted,” SAMCO logo resembles a Swastik. So, we thought this was a great opportunity to own this symbol of prosperity. Especially during the time of Diwali and Muhurat Trading. Hence the idea of an AR filter was born. It lets you scan any Swastik and then unlocks Muhurat Trading ideas. Thus, saving the hassle of seeking advice for Muhurat Trading. Making it easier for people to prosper with SAMCO”.

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