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Sekel Tech revamps its brand identity with a new logo and tagline showcasing innovation and evolution

The logo, designed to be location- and tech-specific and constantly evolving, represents a commitment to engagement and data-driven solutions.

Sekel Tech, an enabler and a force in the hyperlocal digital marketing arena has marked its brand evolution with the unveiling of a new logo and tagline, ‘Going Beyond.’ Presented in a pantone blue and black colour scheme, the new logo embodies Sekel Tech’s commitment to innovation, evolution, and dynamic connections in the tech industry. Designed to be location-specific, tech-specific, and always in motion, the logo reflects Sekel Tech’s ethos of dynamic engagement and data-driven solutions.

In addition to its enhanced product offerings, Sekel also announces a transformative shift in its business strategy, reflecting the evolving needs and preferences of modern consumers. As the, Sekel has addressed some of the most pressing challenges businesses face with many innovative additions as it unveiled a revamped product dashboard.

Sekel’s improved solutions have made hyperlocal marketing more accessible and affordable for small retail businesses as well as being attractive to the big brands. The turnaround time for businesses to go live and become hyperlocal ready has also been reduced from 3-4 months to just 48 hours, thanks to the latest technology and updated SellrApp being deployed.

Offering a convergence of data analytics and automated marketing to revolutionise its business strategy, the changes offer a dive into real-time insights, unlock hidden potentials, and streamline a brand’s marketing efforts with precision. The changes in Sekel’s dashboard are driven by a deep understanding of how consumers engage with technology and make purchasing decisions in the present-day dynamic market.

Sekel Tech’s solutions, while maintaining the utmost transparency and integrity in every interaction, address critical challenges such as responsiveness and declining customer engagement, which often plague businesses in the digital marketing sphere. With a focus on empowering businesses to succeed in today’s hyperlocal digital marketing environment, Sekel has brought in concepts like Post to Google My Business Listing directly from the dashboard.

Commenting on the transformation and evolution of business, Rakesh Raghuvanshi, founder & CEO, Sekel Tech said, “Through the changes we have incorporated, Sekel Tech has acknowledged the evolving landscape of consumer behaviour, where organic product and service discovery has taken precedence over traditional advertising. The surge in near-me searches, quick commerce, and social commerce has revolutionised the shopping experience. At Sekel, we understood the growing significance of prioritising experience over the product brand itself. This realisation fuels our unwavering commitment to adaptability. Our revamped dashboard, SellerApp and brand identity epitomise this, showcasing our resolve to offer innovative solutions that empower businesses to excel in this new era of hyperlocal consumer engagement.”

It also has the option to create posts from the dashboard or only run paid ad campaigns on Google, Meta (Facebook, Instagram) directly from the dashboard. Retargeting through SMS, Email and WhatsApp is also possible along with its compliance with the Security Operations Centre (SOC) Framework to help detect, analyse, and respond to cybersecurity threats better.

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