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Shyft, partners with Vistara to launch in-flight wellness content series ‘feel the pause’

Shyft will curate exclusive in-flight wellness content to help Vistara flyers relax their body & mind, improve sleep and aid work.

Leading health & wellness platform, Shyft, today announced the launch of ‘Feel the Pause’, a series of in-flight health & wellness content curated for Vistara, India’s finest full-service carrier, brought to you by TATA and Singapore Airlines.

The company will produce over 1000 minutes of health & wellness based content, which will be hosted exclusively on ‘Vistara World’, the in-flight entertainment (IFE) system onboard Vistara aircraft globally. The series will include four key libraries - Sleep Solutions, Relaxing the body, Relaxing the mind & Working Aid; and will comprise a variety of content formats including sleep inducing stories, in-flight stretches, breathing exercises, meditation and music tracks.

Commenting on the partnership, Pooja Khanna, Founder, Shyft, said “We’re delighted to partner with Vistara to launch ‘Feel the Pause’, and bring our expertise in health & wellness to add to the wonderful flying experience. As more people around the world start to increasingly focus on their health & well-being, we view this partnership as a tremendous opportunity for millions of flyers to experience Shyft.”

“We are excited to bring more elements of delight to our customers, and enhance their journeys. As we continue to find ways to elevate premium travel experiences, we are proud to become the first Indian airline to offer special ‘wellness-focused’ IFE content in partnership with Shyft. We are sure that our customers will appreciate this enhancement, and it will become yet another reason for them to enjoy travelling with India’s finest full-service carrier”, said Deepak Rajawat, chief commercial officer, Vistara.

The content from Shyft will offer tools that will allow flyers to deal with insomnia and travel anxiety, with sleep stories based on classic tales such as the Pied Piper of Hamelin and tranquil music tracks. To relieve body aches and stiffness, quick in-flight stretches, under the guidance of expert instructors have been included in the series. Guided meditation sessions have also been curated to rejuvenate the mind and body, along with mindful breathing exercises, to help alleviate travel exhaustion. Especially on long-haul international flights, the in-flight ‘Feel the Pause’ content will be a game changer, allowing Vistara customers to reduce stress & anxiety, sleep better, and relax onboard.

Notably, Shyft currently offers personalized online Yoga, Nutrition and Health Programs to help customers track, reverse and manage chronic health conditions like PCOS, Hypertension, Diabetes, & Thyroid. Additionally, the company also offers pregnancy related programs (pre & post natal), alongside general wellness classes.

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