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Condom maker Skore out with pheromone spray

Condom brand Skore, part of Chennai-based TTK Healthcare, has forayed into deodorants. The brand recently launched PAS, a pheromone activating body-spray for men, which will act as a ‘sex appeal booster’.

PAS’ active ingredient — SensFeel — activates the production of male pheromones, when applied to the body that helps send out a sensory statement to the opposite sex.

According to market forecast reports, the global sexual wellness industry will see an average compound growth of 27 per cent from US$ 15 billion in 2015 to US$ 50 billion in 2020.

The reason behind entering into deodorant category, Vishal Vyas, head - marketing, Skore Condoms said, “The whole objective is to offer our consumers — young men and women — products that play a role in the act of scoring, every step of the way. From dating to mating. Thus, enhancing and enriching the consumer’s experience.”

The company aims to make a niche in the sexual wellness segment. For women, in August this year it launched Skore ‘OH!’, a water-based pleasure gel.

With the new range of products, the brand is looking at creating a new segment as it feels there is a latent need for such products in the country, Vyas said, “These launches are just the beginning, pheromone activating spray for men is just one of the launches planned under brand Skore. We are all set to bring few more exciting products in the sexual wellness segment such as vibrating rings, delay gel for men, etc. within the next couple of months."

Since not many people are aware about such a product, we wanted to understand how SKORE intends to market the product.

"We are doing a sort of test marketing to tighten our marketing mix model before launching nationally. In fact we are all set to launch it nationally in a couple of months as the initial response for this product has been phenomenal. We are running a print and outdoor campaign in Bengaluru as well as an online activation,” Vyas replied.

Condom maker Skore out with pheromone spray

The product is currently available in Bengaluru across chemists and supermarkets priced at Rs. 300 and is also available on e-commerce platform, Flipkart.

Speaking about which marketing medium works best for a sexual wellness brand, he said, “Digital medium is the best bet for this category. Actually emergence of online medium is one of the main reasons for this exponential growth the sexual wellness category has witnessed globally. Since the launch, we have done various online activations to promote these products.”

Pheromone Activating Spray and Skore OH! for women was launched by actor Aditya Roy Kapoor and popular influencer Mallika Dua, respectively.

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Posted by Skore India on Friday, August 9, 2019

Vyas believes, that the new product launch will push sales for their main condom brand, he explained, "Overall this will help brand Skore and its main segment — condoms — to grow and disrupt in this crowded condom market.”

As per Nielsen Retail data, December 2018, Skore has seen an 11.5 per cent growth in 2018.

The condom market is around Rs. 1400 crore market, commercial segment is 1200 crore while social segment is Rs. 200 crore. Skore currently owns 9.3% market share and is the third largest brand in India currently.

On being asked, how he see the growth of sexual wellness category in Indian compare to other countries and how are you looking to expand your footprints. Vyas said, "Today there is a marked shift in consumer mind-set. Availability of sexual pleasure product, emergence of e- commerce etc. are key driving forces behind this exponential growth. And India is not left behind; e-commerce sites evidently signals Indian consumers are becoming more and more assertive. The usage or purchase of sexual wellness products in our country is currently witnessing a paradigm shift. We are seeing more consumers being open to purchasing products and taking charge of what they require for their own sexual wellness".

Tarun Singh Chauhan
Tarun Singh Chauhan

According to Tarun Singh Chauhan, brand consultant TSC consulting shared his views on the new product launched by the brand. He said, "When you launch a sub- brand, it borrows a value from the mother brand. For me, it is very difficult to understand how a condom brand can launch a body spray but sometimes such thing work. At a subconscious level it can trigger a very different response, in today's day & age anything is possible. Deodrant is an open- ended category, but puts a question how it will work. Ceratin categories have certain baggages andyou have to remain with that baggage".

Stating an example, he said, If the biggest Tyre company MRF will launch bikes or Stayfree launches a women deo, who is going to buy, it doesn't work for me.

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