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Sociowash Network's YouthBeat has been awarded the youth marketing mandate for Pizza Hut

The Delhi office will manage the account secured through a multi-agency pitch to promote Pizza Hut's new Melts range among Gen Z.

As SW Network continues to onboard more global clients, landing the Pizza Hut mandate adds another achievement to its portfolio. YouthBeat, the pioneering youth marketing wing of SW Network, has recently secured the youth marketing mandate of Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut's newly launched 'Melts' is stirring up excitement in the Indian market. As per the mandate, YouthBeat will be responsible for crafting content for Pizza Hut Melts and maximising its reach on campuses and beyond.

They will also be spearheading a student ambassador program with 500 students across 8 cities to engage with Gen Z and young audiences, promoting the Melts range in the coolest, most innovative ways.

To channel its youth community's competitive spirit, YouthBeat will introduce weekly tasks and challenges within the student ambassador program. Tasks such as increasing trials and expanding reach, with all the progress being tracked on a dedicated microsite will feature via a leaderboard. Top performers will be given the chance to win rewards including MacBook, Air, iPhone, iPads, Jordans, and many other prizes to ensure high engagement and enthusiasm among Gen Z.

Raghav Bagai, co-founder, Sociowash, expressed “Partnering up a big player in the F&B space such as Pizza Hut is very thrilling for us. We, at YouthBeat, will be devising Pizza Hut’s very own student ambassador program called The Melts Squad, consisting of ambassadors across many Indian cities. We are already looking at more possible tools to optimise this ambassador program, leveraging our expertise in understanding the GenZ preferences and mindset, to enhance awareness and engagement around the new range. The Melts range comes with a tagline of 'No interruptions. Only Satisfaction' - and we want to rightly put across how crispy, cheesy, and, loaded the range is, solidifying the sentiment that nothing in the world needs to pause while you binge on your own ’Melts'.”

Commenting on the collaboration with SW Network, Aanandita Datta, chief marketing officer, Pizza Hut India, said, “Gen Z is an important demographic for us, and we are looking at many innovative ways to engage with them. Partnering with SW Network to launch the Melts Squad program is a significant step in that direction. Melts has already taken Gen Z by storm, and we are excited to take it up a notch with this partnership.”

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