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Stayfree will engage with a wider segment of women with Kiara Advani’s association: Manoj Gadgil

The VP, marketing & BU head at Johnson & Johnson consumer health, talks about Stayfree’s latest campaign, celebrity association, and more.

Leading menstrual hygiene brand Stayfree recently announced that Bollywood actor Kiara Advani is its new ambassador. In its latest marketing campaign titled ‘Din tumhare saath chalega’ created by DDB Mudra, Advani represents the hustle and ‘can-do’ spirit of ambitious women entrepreneurs. They need day-long protection and comfort, and so, Stayfree is their preferred choice.

The campaign can currently be seen on television, and leading digital and social media platforms. 

In a conversation with afaqs!, Manoj Gadgil, vice president, marketing & BU head at Johnson & Johnson consumer health, talks about the campaign, celebrity association, sustainability initiatives, and more.

Edited excerpts:

What is the rationale behind onboarding Advani as the brand ambassador? 

With her as the face of the brand, we will inspire millions of girls to be free from the fear, shame and discomfort associated with periods, and fulfil their dreams, without letting periods come in the way. 

What does the brand seek to achieve with this association?

Stayfree has been a champion for women’s empowerment. It believes that periods shouldn’t come in the way of young girls and their dreams. One of the aspirations of modern Indian women, is their financial independence pursuit.

Their path to financial independence, isn’t smooth. They have to negotiate people’s attitudes and various problems, including periods, which act as hurdles to their dreams and sometimes forces them to miss out on opportunities.

Stayfree strives to normalise periods for young girls and women. Our association (with Advani) will enable the brand to engage with a wider segment of women to highlight the brand’s core proposition.

What is the larger marketing plan to amplify the campaign?

We’ve planned an integrated marketing campaign. As an extension of the TV campaign, we have planned on-ground, influencer activations, digital campaigns, coupled with strategic partnerships, to highlight the brand’s continued commitment to women’s empowerment.

The sanitary hygiene segment is quite cluttered, with new brands launching innovative products like subscription-based pads, customised pads, etc. How does Stayfree look at this competition from new-age brands?

As a brand, we know that periods can be difficult for women. We are committed to product superiority, with a focus on quality and safety to ensure comfort, protection and hygiene to help women feel at ease during their periods.

At the same time, we are also focussed on improving our products to meet the evolving consumer needs. Ultimately, it’s the overall experience that decides who the consumer chooses to be loyal to.

Sustainability is a big concern for people, especially the youth. Many young women have shifted to alternatives like menstrual cups, period panties and reusable pads. What does Stayfree think about all this?

Today, sustainability has emerged as one of the most critical issues impacting every business. As a responsible corporate, Stayfree is constantly evolving its product portfolio, like the rigorous choice of raw materials for our products, in the development of more sustainable solutions or in supporting social causes. 

To ensure women’s health and safety, Stayfree Secure products undergo an extensive, robust and judicious process of evaluation, starting from choosing the raw material until the final product. Stayfree’s thick pads are made with about 75% renewable source materials, in line with our sustainability roadmap.

To contribute to a healthy environment, and for the safety of rag pickers, we also focus on educating women to correctly dispose used napkins by providing information on Stayfree packs, the pad and the website. 

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