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Summer brings 60-65% sales from the entire year: Vadilal's Aakanksha Gandhi

Vadilal’s president – branding, talks about ice cream demand during summers, among other things.

The summer season in India means an increase in the demand for ice cream. It’s that time of the year when the country’s leading ice cream brands come up with innovative offerings.

According to market research firm IMARC Group, the ice cream market’s revenue in 2022 was over Rs 194 billion. It is expected to reach over Rs 508 billion by 2028, exhibiting a growth rate (CAGR) of 17.5% during 2023-2028.

“The demand for ice cream is at its peak during summers – from mid-March till the end of June. These months lead to most sales for any ice cream brand. 60-65% of sales, happen in summers,” shares Aakanksha Devanshu Gandhi, Vadilal’s president – branding.

Brands try to stay active during summers and release one campaign after another.

Vadilal’s Summer 2023 campaign includes an upbeat and trendy music video, titled ‘Dil Bole Waah Waah Waah’. The song has been composed by Kabeer Kathpalia. He also composed music for the 2022 Bollywood movie ‘Gehraiyaan’.

The video is a part of the brand’s popular campaign, ‘Dil Bole Waah Vadilal’. It revolves around the concept of how people spontaneously appreciate and applaud, saying ‘Waah’, after having something delicious.

‘Swiggy Uncle’ and ‘Rosesh Sarabhai’ can be seen dancing to the song in the video. Actor Naresh Gosain, aka ‘Swiggy Uncle’, has been ‘VadiBro’ for two years now. He was first seen during the launch of Vadilal’s Gourmet Natural Gulab Juman ice cream.

Vadilal realised that it wanted to extend Gosain’s character, along with the Gourmet flavours. ‘VadiBro’ was spotted in another campaign last month, when the brand introduced ‘Kesar Rasmalai’ and ‘Falooda’ flavours.

Through the latest video, the brand has tried to convey its USP.

“The ‘waah’ feeling is Vadilal’s USP,” says Gandhi.

For the latest campaign, the brand has also collaborated with social media influencers, dancers, etc. The campaign will go live on social media, OOH platforms, radio, TV and print. The influencer-based campaign will be released shortly.

The game changer

Brands know the importance of e-commerce platforms and influencers today.

“About 250 retail points are currently available on e-commerce platforms. By the end of the current financial year, we’re aiming for 350-360 retail points in the country,” comments Gandhi.

According to her, Vadilal’s TG (18-35 years) has become quite digital-savvy and conversational.

“How we approach the media, is changing now, as our TG has become more conversational. We have started involving a lot of standup comedians. We have also started reverting to feedback, which consumers find interactive. Digital has really helped to uplift our brand.”

Consumer trends

Post-COVID, the ice cream consumption patterns have changed drastically.

As Gandhi points out, “These days, the consumers have started consuming ice cream on a regular basis.”

In India, the ice cream consumption per capita, is quite low, as compared to global standards. The annual ice cream consumption in the country is 400 ml per capita. Meanwhile, in the US and China, it is 22,000 ml and 3,000 ml, respectively, as per Smart Research Insights.

“The ‘gourmet natural’ trend is on the rise because post-COVID, more and more people are attracted to organic and natural products. Our focus is more on the ingredients of these products. Another trend that we have observed is that ‘take home’ is increasing, but in the big bite format,” mentions Gandhi.

From creating ‘flavours of the month’ concept to launching Gourmet Natural Gulab Juman ice cream, Vadilal has been expanding its product range every year.

“Our products are defined by not only generations and age groups, but also emotions,” shares Gandhi.

Ice cream brands expect to clock in strong double-digit sales every summer season. Let’s see what this summer season has in store for these brands.

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