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Swiggy launches Smart Links to boost orders for restaurants with online presence

This new tool helps restaurants convert social media footfall to business with just one click.

Swiggy, an online food ordering and delivery platform, has announced the launch of ‘Smart Links’, an innovative tool, designed to empower restaurants of all sizes to enhance their online presence and drive growth.

The restaurant industry typically spends anywhere between 3% to 6% of its revenue on advertising, including online platforms like Meta (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp), Google, and traditional media such as TV, print, and radio. While advertising on online platforms is a great channel to reach consumers, it is not always easy to track its impact on their business. Despite having a social media presence across various platforms, many restaurants struggle to translate engagement into actual business.

To address this need, Swiggy has launched Smart Links- free, customised links that restaurants can share on their social media profiles on platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook to direct customers straight to their menu page on Swiggy.

This personalised approach enables restaurants to drive orders through their online presence while engaging with a broader audience. For customers on the other hand, it is a one-click experience to order from restaurants they have discovered online or on social media platforms.

The power of Smart Links also lies in the insights they offer into customer behaviour. A key challenge for restaurants is assessing a customer's actions after clicking on an ad, such as whether they have placed an order, what they have ordered, and when. Smart Links gives an insight into this, including whether the customer is a new user.

By enabling this tracking, Smart Links help restaurant partners assess the performance of their social media campaigns more effectively. This data allows them to optimise future campaigns, ultimately leading to efficient and successful marketing strategies.

Since its inception, Smart Links has driven over 4 million menu sessions, covering 35,000 restaurant partners. Brands running Smart Links have seen ~25% of their menu sessions. During campaign days, brands using Smart Links have seen upwards of 80% of menu visits, leading to disproportionate gains in building brand visibility.

Commenting on Smart Links, Deepak Maloo, AVP – supply, Swiggy stated, “Social media is a great boon and an unmissable part of any business’ marketing strategy. But many restaurants, especially the smaller brands struggle to see the social media excitement translate to business without the right tools. Smart Links, which Swiggy is customizing for free for all restaurant partners, will be a game-changer by giving restaurants the power to easily access and customize these links. This allows them to measure individual channel performance and compare all in the owner app, thereby promoting themselves effectively, driving actual orders, and gaining a better understanding of their customers as well as spend on online platforms and social media.”

Restaurant partners can access Smart Links through the Swiggy Owner app to enhance their online presence and drive growth. In addition, Swiggy is offering a cashback offer for restaurant partners in April and May 2024. This offer presents a valuable opportunity for restaurants to increase customer orders through social media while enjoying savings on their orders.

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