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Tanishq plans to step up use of AI in content creation and dissemination

Tanishq’s Ranjani Krishnaswamy and Arun Narayan talk about the brand’s newest bridal collection, its marketing plans and brand philosophy.

The festive and wedding seasons hold significant allure for jewellery brands in India, drawing crowds to stores in search of bridal ornaments and jewellery for auspicious occasions like Dhanteras. This time, to mark the wedding season Tansihq- the esteemed jewellery brand from the house of Tata has partnered with celebrated Indian fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani for an exclusive bridal collection titled ‘Rivaah x Tarun Tahiliani,’ thoughtfully curated to cater to urban brides, celebrating the essence of the modern Indian bride.

‘Rivaah x Tarun Tahiliani’ draws inspiration from traditional Indian embroideries like Chikankari, Kashida and Zardosi, , translating these intricate designs into handcrafted jewellery. The brand recently showcased the new collection through a bridal fashion show in Mumbai, complemented by the launch of a couple of advertising films.

Speaking about the marketing plans for the new range, Ranjani Krishnaswamy, General Manager - Marketing, Tanishq says people can expect a high decibel campaign. “Something like this needs to be on a larger canvas and all the ammunition will be used. It will be an all-out 360-degree campaign.” 

Arun Narayan, VP - Category, Marketing & Retail, Tanishq, says they expect a great response to the new collection. He says the teams have worked round the clock to convert the masterpieces of one ‘craft’ into another. “People have appreciated the depth and detailing gone into the making of this collection.” 

Tanishq’s brand philosophy 

Tanishq as a brand has consistently focused on catering to the modern Indian woman while placing design and innovation at the forefront of its offerings. The ‘Rivaah x Tarun Tahiliani’ is the brand’s fourth collection in the past -year. It launched ‘Celeste’  followed by ‘Impressions of Nature’ and then ‘Tales of Mystique’, each catering to a different audience cohort. 

Narayan emphasises their uniqueness, stating that the brand's extensive focus lies in understanding the desires of women when it comes to jewellery.

“We aspire to connect deeply with aspirations and emotions, as well as with culture and traditions. There is something deeper in everything that we do, it is not superficial. There is a lot of thought which goes behind it in terms of consumers and what will connect with them, what will be meaningful to them and I think that's really what this brand is about. The brand really ‘gets women’ much better than other brands,” says Narayan. 

In recent months, Tanishq has actively integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and technology into its communication and retail touchpoints. For instance, its campaign for the ‘utsaah’ collection. When questioned about how the brand manages to integrate tech in a category that is highly aspirational as well as emotion-driven, the duo says they keep story-telling at the forefront. 

“It's refreshing to use techniques beyond 35-seconder ads through long-form storytelling, short-form stories, tech, AI etc. We are looking at AI to bring in a lot more interventions in our content creation and our content dissemination space,” says Krishnaswamy. 

Narayan adds that the brand’s narrative  consistently centres on the consumers, the products and the intricate designs that define each collection.

Both Krishnaswamy and Narayan affirm that Tanishq is presently focused on harnessing machine learning and AI to further personalise and customise the customer experience of its patrons, especially on its website and app.

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