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Tata and FCB Kinnect present Ellyse Perry with 'Perry Powerful Punch' award

The award was crafted with shattered glass from the window, symbolising the celebration of resilience and talent in breaking barriers.

While the Women’s Premiere League reached great heights in shattering biases in the world of cricket, Ellyse Perry of Royal Challengers Bangalore shattered not only stereotypes about women in the sports but also the window of the title sponsor’s display car, the TATA.ev.

Perry’s sixer broke the car’s glass window on March 4, 2024. Following this, FCB Kinnect & Tata.ev decided to take this moment of brouhaha and turn it into a memorable triumph for the cricketer, by bestowing her with the ‘Perry Powerful Punch’ award – which also carried the date on which she broke the glass.   

This award was crafted with the shattered glass of the very window that Perry broke. The internet was in awe of the gesture by the brand, which made headlines in several sports and other publications. 

Taking to social media, the brand said, “​You did what every kid playing cricket on the streets, dodging parked cars, dreams of doing but never actually dares. Breaking that display car wasn’t just a jaw-dropping moment; it was a sweet, sweet nod to the mischievous joy hidden in the heart of every cricket lover. Cheers to you, the window-breaking warrior of the #TATAWPL 2024!”

Tata.ev encouraged Perry to never break her spirit for anything, and especially not over broken glass. Kartikeya Tiwari, national creative director, FCB Kinnect, said, “Contemporary brands are built as much on unplanned moments, as on planned ones. The WPL is bigger than just a cricket tournament – it’s a celebration of resilience and talent. This incident was the perfect epitome of how women in India are shattering the glass ceiling. We simply wanted to immortalise this by giving Perry her flowers and not taking the genuineness out of this moment.”


Agency: FCB Kinnect

Sachi Pandya, VP– West 

Ankur Jain, Associate Creative Director 

Savio Banerjee, Group Creative Director

Aatash Mevada, Associate Creative Director 

Darshan Suratwala, Art Director 

Sharanya Menon, Art Director

Gayatri Kale, Motion Graphic Designer 

Athar Shastikar, Sr. Account Manager 

Parth Chhatrapati, Executive - Influencer Outreach

Shaedon Borthwick, Executive, Influencer

Arnab Ray

Sanferd Romos

Ankit Rathod

Aditya Dighe

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